Shepherd ‘very scared’ after being surrendered by her family

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A “very scared” German shepherd is in need of a new home after her former family decided to surrender her because she wasn’t getting along with another dog in the home. The Morgan County West Virginia Animal Control explains:

We have a very scared female German Shepherd that was surrendered to us yesterday. She is 3 years old and not vetted. She was having issues with another female GSD in the home, and her family felt it was in everyone’s best to surrender her.

The animal control agency worries that this frightened dog will not do well in the stressful kennel environment and they are hopeful that a rescue group can be found to take her in and work with her until she can come out of her shell. They write:

 We don’t feel she will do well long-term in the stressful kennel environment.

She needs a shepherd-savvy rescue to pull her. She is currently NOT available for adoption through our facility. She is so fearful and would, unfortunately, be a bite risk in an under-experienced regular adoptive home.

Please help the animal control agency find a reputable rescue group for this dog – networking saves lives!

If you’re with a rescue and feel like you can help Nunu, please give our office a call at 304-258-6363 and ask to speak with Officer Brown.

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