Puppy born in barn just days ago has a hard start at life: Rescuers working to make it all better

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A puppy born just days ago in a west Texas area barn is having a hard start at life. ThisIsHouston arrived at the barn where tiny West was born on Wednesday; barn rats had already attacked him. And by Thursday, West had been rushed to Vergi 24/7 for life-saving care.

West was surrendered to the rescue organization. The rest of the litter have been removed from the barn, moved inside and are doing well. The mother dog will be spayed after her puppies have been weaned.

Tragically, barn rats had chewed the newborn puppy’s back feet exposing bone. In addition West was infected with fleas. He is now in the expert care of veterinarians where he has been administered antibiotics and pain medication. His immediate future includes daily wound care which will follow West as he now settles into his foster home. West is expected to recover, and although his feet might be a bit deformed, his prognosis looks good.

“He is a content little boy who thinks he’s always hungry. He’s currently being bottle fed.”


His foster mom made him an Amazon wishlist:

https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/D54ICKUWTBPC… if anyone would like to send some goodies his way West was owner surrendered. The rest of the litter has been moved inside and are doing well.

To donate to West’s care:


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