Pup attacked by crocodile in Sri Lanka lived to bark his tale

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A Staffordshire bull terrier named Banjo survived an attack from an approximately 10-foot-long crocodile and lived to “bark his tale”. At the popular Darwin beach in Sri Lanka, more than 281 crocodiles have been captured this year.

According to Abc.net.au, Banjo had jumped in for a swim at Casuarina Beach on Monday morning as the tide rolled in toward the sandy beach. Banjo’s human routinely took his dog there for a much loved daily swim.

“The water was knee-deep. He just ran into the water to cool off. I heard a bit of a growl and looked around and a crocodile had him in its mouth. Banjo must have thought it was another dog, so he bit him back. He’s a very, very strong dog.”

Tom Cummins

Banjo escaped, but was left with three rather deep lacerations on his back, although not deep enough to need stitches. The attack obviously didn’t bother the brave pooch too much either, because on their way home, the dog went for another dip in Rapid Creek.

Cummins did not have his cell phone with him and didn’t get to take any photos of the crocodile encounter, but wanted to make sure other dog owners, local surfers and beachgoers were aware of the reptile. Authorities have not been able to capture it yet.

The attack was shared by the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife service on Monday with a warning about the dangers posed by crocodiles in the state’s waterways.

“He managed to escape with some deep lacerations and a fresh appreciation of why we must ALWAYS Be Crocwise around any body of water in the Top End,” the post said via the Daily Mail.

Well Banjo – good job fighting back boy!

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