Dog finally safe after years of ‘unrelenting neglect’

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A dog named Darby is finally safe after years of “unrelenting neglect” which left her body in shambles. The five-to-six-year-old bloodhound has been taken under the wing of the Two Tailz Rescue organization in Georgia. On November 30, the rescue group outlined some of the many health issues she is facing:

Upon arrival, Darby was very dehydrated, emaciated, & felt just miserable. 💔 She would NOT have made it another 24-48 hrs in the cold. This girl has lived a life of unrelenting neglect. 😡💔Darby has no hair & severe dermatitis due to an allergic reaction to horrible flea infestation. Her skin is infected, itchy, & inflamed.

She has several parasites – tape worms, hook worms, & whip worms. She is anemic, with a low red blood cell level. Her white cell count is very high due to infection.
Darby has ocular discharge & conjunctivitis. It is possible she may need future entropion surgery, but for now, she is receiving an eye antibiotic + lubricant.

X-rays and an ultrasound revealed more issues with her lungs, and a concerning mass. Despite Darby’s pitiful state of health, she remained sweet and grateful for the kindness she was being shown. The rescue group said:

Darby crawled up on the sofa 🛋 with one of the vet techs yesterday…showing she is clearly happy to be safe, out of the cold, and feeling a bit better already! 🥰❤️🐾

On Thursday, the rescue group shared sad news – Darby has advanced cancer:

After further tests and many conversations w/Darby’s medical team, Darby has been diagnosed with cancer, likely lymphoma. She has a mass on her R caudal lung lobe and a huge mass on her back – likely cutaneous lymphoma. We cannot aspirate/biopsy the mass yet, since her skin is so infected. We will get a biopsy done once her infection clears.
Darby’s body would be hard-pressed to endure the tough cancer treatments, given that a mass is in her lungs already. Unless something changes, we won’t pursue that avenue.

Though Darby is expected to have less than a year to live, the remainder of her life will be spent with people who want to give her all that she needs to feel safe, loved and comfortable. You can find her rescuers on Facebook at this link.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    I pray God’s hand of love envelope this sweet, but VERY ABUSED dog. On the other side, I pray God’s hand of JUSTICE finds these DEMON spawned humans with ADVANCED cancer as well, the sooner the BETTER.


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