Over 55 days in concrete cell and now he is out of time

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An adorable, four-year-old dog named Enchilada has spent over 55 days in a “concrete cell” at an animal shelter in Abiline, Texas, and now his time has run out. The shepherd mix is described as “very sweet,” but everyone who stops at the shelter facility passes by him as if he isn’t there.

The Saving Abiline Animals Facebook page writes:

Every now and then you see a dog in the Shelter that you get a feeling/vibe from and you can just feel they are very special! Enchilada is one of those pups!

Enchilada has spent 54 very long days in a concrete cell being overlooked by everyone who comes in. Enchilada is listed as a 4 yr old Shepherd mix. He’s very sweet, incredibly handsome and does the most adorable little front paw stomp when you talk to him. Enchilada takes treats gently, is good on leash, very gentle and is calm in his kennel.

Enchilada hasn’t done anything to deserve a death sentence, but here he is…locked away in a concrete kennel run waiting for someone to lead him to a back room where his life will be ended. His fate is out of his control, but you have the ability to network his adoption information and give him a fighting chance.

Animal ID: #A48506017
Intake Date : 8/23/21
Breed: Shepherd mix
Sex: Male
Age: 4 yrs
Location: City of Abilene, Tx Shelter
925 S 25th

Interested Rescues can email @wraven.woods@abilenetx.gov

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