No charges to be filed against man who shot family dog ‘fetching sticks in the Fox River’

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Many community residents in suburban Kane County, Illinois are outraged after Kane County State’s Attorney Jamie Mosser announced on Wednesday that there will not be any charges filed against a man who shot his neighbor’s dog. Ludwig, a two-year-old Dogo Argentino, died along the Fox River on August 10, 2021.

“…dozens upon dozens of emails and phone calls but based on the facts and the laws that are before me…I cannot charge [Hal Phipps] as a result of this shooting.

Kane County State Attorney Jamie Mosser

During a press conference the state attorney contended Phipps had been legally justified in the shooting of Ludwig the dog, because the man had been in fear of his safety Phipps, who is the husband of Wayne Village President Eileen Phipps, told authorities he shot Ludwig because the dog had come onto his property last month, and he “feared for his life.”

At the time the Wayne police and officers from the Kane County Sheriff’s Office were called to a property on Pearson Drive after reports of gun shots were fired. When police arrived, they found the homeowner had shot two dogs who the man said had been aggressively blocking his path to his boat dock. Hal Phipps had used a .38 caliber pistol to kill the dog.

“The witnesses saw the dog stumble towards the river’s edge. They saw the dog fall into the river.”

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain

The owner of the dogs, Joe Petit had let his two dogs go swimming and fetching sticks on the Fox River, accompanied by a woman watching over the dogs. The two-year-old Dogo Argentino was killed that day. For 20 years, there has been strife between the two neighbors, and there were many questions that the death of Ludwig had been the culmination of the ongoing feud about the survey separating the two properties.

According to the ChicagoSunTimes, Petit, who has never been married or had children, stated the dog had been the “closest thing” he ever had to having a son. Petit had named his asphalt paving business in honor of his two dogs – Ludwig and Philotimo.

A popular Facebook page entitled Justice for Ludwig has garnered more than 3,700 followers. With a population of only 2,700 residents, taking sides has been stressful for everyone. The case has ripped the small community of St. Charles apart.

Petit’s neighbor, Steve Kostro contended the video evidence of the incident proved Ludwig had been killed unnecessarily and that Phipps had lied about the incident.

The decision, however was made on Wednesday, where Hal Phipps will not face any charges in the death of Ludwig. And although Mosser admits having received many calls and emails from people demanding charges against Phipps, she has to follow the law.

Rest in peace Ludwig.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    This is EXACTLY what happens when everyone covers their eyes, ears and mouth, allowing whomever to be elected to state offices without doing their homework to see what that candidate will DO for YOU. THEY work for you, but time and again, we see that YOU have allowed THEM to turn the tables and build a FORCE in your own state government that only works for thugs. Don’t like what happened here? Get out, get info and ELECT SOMEONE WHO WILL WORK FOR YOUR SAFETY AS WELL AS THOSE WHO just shoot whomever/whatever THEY want to and claim “I was in fear of my life”. Corrupt cops have taught these people well. Take strong note here and MAKE changes that YOU want as a COMMUNITY.


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