Dog honored in South Korea for rescuing his 90-year-old owner suffering from dementia

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A beloved dog received an official hero title from authorities in South Korea after he saved the life of his 90-year-old owner who suffers from dementia. The four-year-old Baekgu is surely a reason why we call dogs our best friends.

According to WionNews, had it not been for Baekgu’s loyalty and bravery, the senior woman likely would not have survived.

On August 25, 2021, the woman who lived in Hongseong went missing. Security video camera footage saw her leaving her village with the loyal white dog by her side. When she didn’t return some 40 hours later, authorities went on a search and found her unconscious in a rice field a little more than a mile from her home. She had collapsed in a wet area and was hidden from view by tall rice.

And here’s the best part of the story. Baekgu stayed with her and curled up next to her to keep his beloved human warm and safe. The search team had used a drone which detected her body heat in the rice field. The woman was transported to a hospital and is reported to have recovered.

South Korea awarded Baekgu as their first honorary rescue dog. In a ceremony, he was adorned with a floral garland and given a cake presented by Governor Yang Seung-jo.

Baekgu was a rescue dog – he was adopted three years prior after a larger dog had attacked him. The family of the older woman are extremely grateful.

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