Caged dog left in driveway with ‘Free Dog’ sign, like an unwanted piece of furniture

Days ago, a caged dog was left in a driveway, with a “Free Dog” sign attached to the kennel. The discarded dog was set out like trash…as if he were nothing more than an unwanted piece of old furniture.

On March 21, the Erin Regan Animal Sanctuary posted photos of the dog, explaining what is known about the situation:

He was sitting like this in someone’s driveway… In a cage with a “Free Dog” sign like he was a worthless old piece of furniture that no one wanted. No food. No water.

Fortunately the dog is safe, but the animal welfare agency is looking for a foster home within driving distance of coastal Mississippi or the Pearl River County area. Erin Regan A.S. writes:

HE IS SAFE NOW — with our friend Deanna (the person who found him). She is holding him until we have an approved foster. We do not just hand a dog over to the first person that says, “I will take him.” If you are interested in fostering, please complete the application at — applicants are screened very thoroughly to make sure he will get the BEST care possible.

Providing a bit of insight about the discarded dog:

We don’t know much about him other than he is young and sweet and walks ok on a leash. I am sure he has never seen a vet. Foster should have bully breed experience or have worked with or rehabbed larger breed dogs. He has not been dog or cat tested. It is reported he chases chickens.


The rescue agency writes:
He will need full veterinary care, including vaccinations and neuter and most likely heartworm treatment. We do know that he has intestinal parasites. Please help us help him!

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    SMH……WTF were these individuals thinking??? If one leaves an animal in a cage with a note “FREE”, how does one know that he will have a good home? Or is it that there is no care for what happens to this unwanted companion animal???

    I hope this precious treasure is adopted into a loving furever family ASAP!!! I hope he recovers from his neglect and in his new home is treated as a beloved family member.


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