Emaciated, dehydrated dog, with multiple fractures, found roaming

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The Toledo Humane Society has launched an investigation following the discovery of an emaciated, dehydrated, and injured dog who was found wandering near rail road tracks last week. The animal welfare agency writes:

Parsley was found “running loose” but unable to move or walk. She was found extremely emaciated, dehydrated and suffering from several fractures in her pelvis and a fractured femur. However, none of these ailments have stopped her true personality from shining through – Parsley is incredibly sweet and loves people more than you can imagine.

Advising that Parsley’s prognosis is uncertain:

Parsley is in critical condition at this time, and our vet staff is doing everything in their power to give Parsley the best possible outcome – but at this time, we unfortunately do not know what the future holds for her due to the severity of her injuries and condition. Please share this post to help us get justice for Parsley.


The Toledo Humane Society is looking for any information on who the possible owner of little Parsley could be. Any information is helpful. If you recognize this sweet girl, please, call our cruelty department directly at (419) 891-9777, or file a report online at https://toledohumane.org/animal-cruelty. All reports remain confidential.


If you would like to donate to Parsley’s care, consider making a donation online at toledohumane.org/give or call the donation line (419) 891-0594.

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Such a clever parrot!


Thank you for saving my life.


2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This precious treasure deserves to be in a loving furever family where she will be treated as a beloved family member for the rest of her life. She shouldn’t have to die in the shelter alone, afraid, in pain and (worst of all) unloved…….

  2. Diana Rowell says:

    Who ever is responsible for the condition of this poor baby ought to have their ability to own pets revoked for at least 10 YEARS! Makes my blood boil when someone gets a dog, does NOTHING to take proper care of a sentient being that is TRAPPED either in their home or on a permanent tie out in the yard! ROTTEN to the CORE and it WILL bring THEM a reincarnation trip sending them to a MUCH LOWER station in life where THEY WILL come to KNOW what THIS is like to experience, but TENFOLD worse! Biblical law will NOT be dismissed OR watered down by LIES…PERIOD!


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