Update: 42 dogs rescued from Daytona dogfighting ring recovering

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In Daytona Beach, Florida, 42 dogs rescued from an alleged dogfighting ring two weeks ago are recovering at the Halifax Humane Society. The dogs were seized after Daytona Beach Police Department discovered the disturbing situation while initially investigating a fence violation on a property located on Reva Street.

According to Wesh2News, almost all of the dogs suffered significant injuries. Two puppies were so anemic, they needed blood transfusions. Adult dogs are being treated for wounds from fighting, however the outlook for the dogs seems encouraging.

Not only is the staff continuing the medical treatment on the dogs, but the organization’s behavior team is assessing the dogs to decide if they are safely adoptable or if they will need specific restrictions. The Halifax Humane Society continues to work with partner agencies to find safe homes for these dogs.

Most of the dogs had been kept outside in small kennels made of wood and wire, in car carriers or chained to car axles. Many of the female dogs were pregnant or recently had litters. Other dogs lived in areas surrounded by urine and feces. Rescued dogs wore collars that had to be cut off because of how tight they were around the dogs’ necks.

Officers recovered medical records for the dogs indicating dog supplements and medications given to the dogs including a medication often used in dog fighting to increase red blood cell production as well as stamina and endurance.

None of the three men arrested and charged with multiple animal cruelty crimes, animal fighting and practicing veterinary medicine without a license would admit to owning the dogs. A judge ruled the dogs abandoned and turned custody over to the Halifax Humane Society.

To help with their veterinary costs, donations can be made:

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  1. We ALL KNOW they were THEIR dogs, but I am VERY glad this judge took advantage of that “caveat” to release them to a group that will try and ensure that those who can be rehabilitated will get to work. Then they can go to LOVING homes with regular food and water. I’ll have to remember that fence violation complaint as a tactic to get attention on others abusing animals without so much as a nod my direction. Great way to keep yourself out of the whole legal process of THUGS being outed. I’m NOT suggesting that this was the intention here, but good to know for future “cover”.


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