Beautiful Sapphire has been waiting 7 years to be adopted!

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For seven LONG years a beautiful dog named Sapphire has been waiting for someone to choose her to be their new companion. The longtime homeless pooch is at the Calhoun County Humane Society in Birmingham, Alabama.

On Monday, photographer Sophie Gamand posted an image of Sapphire, writing:

LONGTIMER ALERT: Sapphire has been waiting for 7 years at the @calhouncountyhumane in Alabama. She is a petite, sweet nugget who needs to be an only pet, and has a (manageable) skin condition. But she has SO MUCH LOVE to give, we know her perfect family is out there. And it’s about time we make it happen for her!

Gamand describes the condition that Sapphire deals with:

Sapphire is an absolute sweetheart who sadly has an autoimmune condition called pemphigus, which can lead to painful flareups, triggered by stress or allergies (it’s hard to pinpoint and the shelter environment isn’t ideal as you can imagine…). These are controlled with a short course of Prednisone.

Sapphire needs to be the only pet in the home, but she has more than enough love to satisfy dog lovers who enjoy devoted, snuggly dogs. Will you please help Sapphire finally find a real home? Networking is an effective way to raise the visibility of shelter dogs!

For more info, pelase email

Calhoun County Humane Society is located at 1201 Parkwood Drive, Anniston, AL.

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