Social media helps reunited lost service dog with owner

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Lately, social media seems to be more of a curse than a blessing, but it still has its place and can be of use from time to time. Social media wound up being a blessing for a man in Indianapolis, Indiana, who lost his service dog on Friday, October 15.

Chris Hise was at the Ale Emporium on Allisonville Road with his 11-year-old service dog, Onesimus, when things went awry. Hise was power-washing the building when someone mistakenly thought his dog was lost and they picked her up. Hise was devastated and unsure if his beloved dog would ever make her way back to him.

Hise’s friends and family jumped into action and created lost dog fliers to help find Onesimus, aka “O.” Staff at the Ale Emporium also stepped up to get the lost dog information out on their personal social media accounts. Their efforts quickly paid off and in less than two days, Onesimus was found and returned to her grateful owner. Hise was tearful as he acknowledged the help from everyone who helped get his constant companion back to him.

He told 10TV:

“The servers here, their prayers, they got together on social media themselves.” Adding, “That’s God’s dog. If these people got some joy and love out of this animal I’ve had for years, I’ll give it.”

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