Baby fox found ‘crying’ in homeowner’s garden rescued and reunited with mom

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In Arlington, Virginia, a homeowner heard an animal’s cry coming from her garden on Wednesday and spotted a baby fox all alone and crying for his mother. Not knowing what to do, the homeowner called the Animal Welfare League of Arlington for help.

When Sgt. Ballena and Officer Elpers arrived at the home, they checked the baby fox and determined he was alert, fully hydrated and healthy. Knowing his mother would likely return for her baby, the rescue officers decided to place the baby in a basket so he would not be able to climb out and wander away, but his mother would be able to rescue him.

For the rest of the afternoon, the homeowner kept an eye on the baby fox ( I mean who wouldn’t want to watch something so utterly adorable), and by the next morning, the mother had retrieved her baby and left.

We ask everyone not to move wildlife babies because their mothers are likely not too far away.

“We’ve had a busy week of wildlife rescues, which reminded us that we need your help to share our own very important reminder to leave wildlife alone! If you find an injured or orphaned animal, do not touch it, and give us a call straight away. We can let you know if the animal is in need of assistance, if it’s ok for you to touch or move it, and will send an officer out to help if needed.
Touching wild animals can lead to a lot of problems – you can contract a zoonotic illness or you may inadvertently interrupt a natural part of the animal’s life cycle. Also, more often than not, a wild animal, especially a baby, may not actually be in distress – wild animals are great parents and typically don’t need us to intervene!
So just remember, we are always a call away if you have wildlife that might need help!”

Don’t we all just love these happy endings? Live long and well little one.
Follow the National Pet Rescue for the latest animal related news.

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Such a sweet parrot!



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