world's saddest elephant has died

‘World’s Saddest Elephant’ has died

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A captive elephant, dubbed the “world’s saddest elephant,” has died. As reported by multiple sources, the 47-year-old elephant, Flavia, died on March 1 at the Cordoba Zoo in Spain. Shortly after Flavia’s death, the zoo posted images to social media and wrote:

All the staff of the Municipal Zoological Park that has had the luck to work with Flavia laments the death of our elephant, today, March 1, 2019.
From the Zoo and the City Hall of Cordoba it has been decided to pay a small tribute to Flavia through this Facebook account. With the hashtag # HastaSiempreFlavia we encourage all Cordobans, from Cordoba and Zoo visitors who wish to upload their photos with our beloved elephant in memory.
Here we leave you, as a tribute to your memory, these beautiful images.

Flavia was dubbed the world’s saddest elephant because she was removed from her herd at the age of three and placed into an enclosure, away from other elephants. The solitary confinement raised the ire of animal welfare activists who pleaded for her release, reports The Local.

Before dying, Flavia showed signs of depression and deteriorating health – on the day of her death, she was humanely euthanized after collapsing in her enclosure.


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  1. Mary ODell says:

    I am so sad for the rotten life this elephant endured. This is so abusive. We humans are worthless to have let this continue until death. She should have been put with other elephants when her condition was seen by supposedly caring zoo personnel. What a bunch of asses. Hopefully one day they will all be trampled to death.


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