Once hopeless in Rio Grande Valley, sweet dog rescued just in time

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In Rio Grande Valley, Texas, Victoria was found on the side of a busy road. She was so desperate and in such excruciating pain, her instincts led her to hide under a metal platform. Maybe the pain would stop; maybe someone would help her.

Emaciated, weak and with a huge mammary abscess that burst, Victoria rested on the dirty ground. She didn’t know she needed emergency treatment or she would die. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately stepped forward to help. Co-founder, Stacey Silverstein posted the heartbreaking photos on social media, along with the few details known of the dog’s painful past.

“Victoria is VERY CRITICAL.
She is now safe and at Pet Dr 911 Emergency Hosp
She is extremely weak and has been placed on IV Fluids
She is so severely emaciated you can see every single rib on her tiny body

It looks like she had an enormous mammary tumor that burst and you can see the open flesh as a result
This is just so sad and she still looks to us for consoling and love.”


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(Photos of Victoria from Rio Grande Valley via RDR NYC)

Updates to follow.

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