Recycle: Tragic consequences for duck entangled in plastic bottle rings

Not only did the tragic death of an innocent duck remind us all to recycle, it also pleads for everyone to cut plastic bottle rings that can kill wildlife. All Species Kinship (A.S.K) shared photos and the heartbreaking details of a Mallard’s fatal experience.

“This was wrapped around his head and shoved into his sensitive mouth like a horse bit. It was an horrific experience for him for the last week, trying to eat, with no way to open his mouth,” the rescue organization posted on Facebook.

Within hours, Sophia DiPietro, the executive director of the organization, stated the duck died because he was not able to eat.

“He is in critical condition and we are trying to restart his GI system after days worth of starvation which is huge deficit for a bird. He is on pain medication and antibiotics as well as gavage-feedings.”

He had been rescued on Monday when an area resident called to report a duck apparently suffering.

“We are pleading for you to care more because lives are being lost. No one deserves to die with a piece of plastic suffocating them.”

Wildlife rescue groups regularly report wildlife entangled in fishing lines, plastic bottles, cans and plastic bottle rings. Surely, we all can do better and make more efforts to recycle properly.  Cut any and all entanglement hazards because you never know where they will end up. You may dispose of an item properly, but before it hits the recycling or landfill, it may end up being a danger to wildlife.

Rest in peace little one. We are sorry humans let you down.

(Photos of Mallard duck dying via FB)

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