Photos of seemingly sick puppy at pet store under investigation

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Frazer Township police have launched an investigation, after photos of a seemingly sick puppy appearing to be malnourished and listed for sale at Petland in the Galleria Pittsburgh Mills shopping mall, quickly went viral after circulating on social media.

According to Animal Protectors and the Frazer Township Police Department, a post on social media states the shelter is not qualified to determine the puppy’s health.

“A news report yesterday indicated that Animal Protectors evaluated a dog at Petland and determined that “Animal Protectors has deemed the dog to not be malnourished and that Petland is taking the correct and proper steps to bring the dog to better health than how they received him.” Unfortunately, this is not the position of Animal Protectors. The individuals who went to Petland are affiliated with Animal Protectors but had no authority to represent the shelter. Animal Protectors is not qualified to make this determination – we are not veterinarians. We care deeply about animals in situations such as this and would always represent the needs of the animal. Always. In this situation, we absolutely would have recommended that the advice of a qualified, independent veterinarian be sought to determine what is in the best interest of the animal. We apologize that this situation may have caused confusion publicly. We are addressing the actions of the individuals from our shelter who were involved and also contacting Frazer Police so that they are aware of our position.”

As photos of the seemingly undernourished dog went viral, the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburgh stated the organization’s CEO Dan Rossi had visited the pet store and spoke with the manager. The puppy was reported to be eating, alert and acting like a puppy although underweight. The owner of the pet store said the puppy arrived like that earlier in the week and his needs are being addressed.

The puppy is listed for sale at $1,895.

The Frazer Township Police Department acknowledged they had been made aware of the pictures of the boxer and are working on bringing in a veterinarian or human officer to evaluate the puppy’s health as soon as possible.

“Frazer Officers were made aware today that the individuals that responded to Petland from Animal Protectors yesterday were not authorized to do so and did not have the authority to determine the health of the dog. Upon learning this Frazer Police Department, in conjunction with Animal Protectors, is working to find a third party veterinarian or humane officer to check the puppy’s health as soon as is possible.”

The police department thanked everyone for their concerns about the puppy’s condition.

(Photos of sick puppy via Facebook)

Updates to follow:

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7 replies
  1. Darla G says:

    If you’re charging $1,895 for a puppy, you had better make damn sure it’s been seen by a qualified veterinarian. You’re going to make a ton of money on this pup so spend a few bucks on him to make sure he’s ok. Better yet, stop buying from puppy mills. Help shelter dogs get a home instead of them being murdered.

  2. Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

    Petland is infamous for their treatment of animals. Poor sweet puppy probably came from a puppy mill. The Amish run the dirtiest, cruelest puppy miles on earth. DONT BUY, ADOPT!

  3. Rita Dluzak says:

    This puppy IS from a puppy mill. That’s where Petland gets the dogs they sell from. 30 years ago I was living in Missouri and my husband at the time bought me a mini doxie from Petland at the Mall. She died of Parvo 10 days later even though we Had taken her to a vet. There was nothing the vet could do better to have saved her. We notified Petland for a refund of our money which they refused to do. They told us we could apply half of the amount we paid for the doxy towards another dog. Well when we advised them that my husband was the publisher of the newspaper in that town, they quickly changed their minds and we were refunded all our money plus they paid all the vet bills. Guess they did not want to see our story published in the paper. Upon my further investigating is when I was educated in the puppy mill trade. 30 years have passed and I now work/volunteer at a rescue where I now live in California. Also anybody that would pay that amount of money they are charging for this puppy would be absolutely crazy.

  4. R. Newton says:

    Healthy puppies are plump. Not boney. I would never try and sell a pet like that. All pet stores need to have their puppies vetted.
    That picture tells me something.


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