Owner washed tiny Maltese in bleach to make her coat whiter

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In a late night rescue near Miami, a tiny Maltese was rescued Monday evening from a local shelter after having been surrendered. The senior pooch had been bathed in bleach by her owner to make her coat whiter.

Paw Patrol Animal Rescue & Sanctuary stepped up to care for this critically ill dog who is not eating, has hair  loss and whose teeth are rotten.  CeeCee  has been rushed to Knowles Animal Clinic.

Bleach can severely irritate a dog’s skin and cause a painful burn rash. Even non-chlorine bleach [color-safe bleach] is dangerous because it contains hydrogen peroxide. In addition to skin irritation, the liquid can also cause vomiting. Consult a veterinarian immediately.

Sadly, CeeCee is not eating at this time; her owner had no money for vetting expenses.

CeeCee is not available for adoption at this time, but needs donations for her care. Follow her tragic story on Facebook here. Updates to follow. Donations to help can be made by clicking here.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal rescue news.

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