Owner used hacksaw to saw off pony’s hooves once a year

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In Brown County, Ohio, an emergency call to authorities on Sunday concerned a severely neglected pony whose owner used a hacksaw to saw off the pony’s hooves once a year. The pony, Lil’ Bit, is now in the care of the Brown County Humane Society Animal Shelter.

When rescuers arrived at the home, they found the pony with hooves so twisted and overgrown that he could barely walk. It was obvious that the pony was in extreme pain.

“The owner’s stated that they used a hacksaw to saw pony’s hooves off once a year! Not only is this not the proper way to care for hooves but it is extremely painful each time it was done,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

The owner agreed to surrender the pony, and Lil’ Bit was immediately examined by a veterinarian. Radiographs showed the bones in his hooves had rotated, were abscessed and infected which had spread into his legs. He remains on heavy antibiotics and pain medication. Every few weeks a farrier will come to the shelter to carefully trim his hooves –  the correction is expected to take several months.

“The pony’s owner agreed to surrender the pony to the BCHS, and he was taken to a foster home and immediately seen by our vet. He x-rayed Lil Bit’s hooves and found that due to this neglect, the bones in the hooves had rotated. He also has abscesses and infection that has spread into his legs.”

While the pony’s condition is still listed as guarded, Lil’ Bit is making progress.

An investigation into cruelty charges is underway.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    This is NOTHING compared to what MANY Ohioans do to their animals. These REMEDIAL INBRED twits believe it’s THEIR RIGHT to: rape, beat, starve, dehydrate, and regularly TORTURE ANY animal, woman or child. These MEN consider me, and ANY child or animal to be THEIR PROPERTY. They’re still living in the 1700’s, this is where that RACIST, PEDOPHILE B*****D Jim Jordan is from, THAT says a LOT about these demons.


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