Another horse dead at Santa Anita Park

Nearly 2 dozen horses have died at a California race track in two months

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Over the course of two months, nearly two dozen horses have died at a California race track. On Saturday, a four-year-old filly broke her ankle and had to be put down at the Santa Anita Park – her death raises the number of dead horses to 20, reports ABC 7 News.

The shocking number of fatal incidents at the Santa Anita Park briefly resulted in the track’s closure, but after testing of the soil on the track, races resumed. Following the announcement of the filly’s death this weekend, PETA issued a statement which reads in part:

Twenty dead horses is 20 too many and the only responsible action is for the track to close immediately to stop this spiral of deaths. The California Horse Racing Board and Santa Anita must do this now, and law enforcement must begin an immediate investigation of trainers and veterinarians to find out if injured horses were being forced to run

PETA is also calling on the California Horse Racing Board to investigate the horses’ trainers and a review of the veterinary records of the horses which died. The agency speculates that the horses are being given medications which mask pain. PETA stated:

 it’s likely that injuries that can turn life-threatening on the track are missed during prerace examinations, because the horse isn’t feeling or showing the pain of an injury and the track veterinarian doesn’t examine trainers’ records.

The horses who have died at the track suffered various types of fractures – one horse died from a heart attack. Races are resuming on Sunday.

(Stock image of race horses via Pixabay)

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2 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Horse racing is and always has been cruel and inhumane! They should have been banned years ago. Hope these tragedies are SERIOUSLY investigated!
    I would NOT AT ALL surprised if sick and injured horses were FORCED to run!
    All that matters to the racetracks is GREED!

  2. Jeanette Fossum says:

    enough with those poor race horses. they start them off as two year olds. their knees haven’t even closed at the time. too young to start racing. stop using medicine to cover up their pain.


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