tragic update about dog on roof of factory

Horrible update about dog trapped on abandoned factory roof

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A horrible update has been released with regards to a dog who was mysteriously trapped on the roof of an abandoned Pillsbury factory in Springfield, Illinois. The dog, who was previously described as healthy and well-fed, has been found dead, reports ABC 7 Chicago News.

The dog was discovered on Wednesday afternoon – dead near a fence, with no obvious signs of trauma. It is unclear what caused the dog to die.

Rescuers had been attempting to capture the dog, but traps set out were being tripped by a homeless person living at the factory.

Find the prior story about this dog here.


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4 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Wonder if the dog (who looked healthy & “cared for”) jumped off the roof (or was pushed)???

    A necropsy should reveal cause of death….. very sad……

  2. Whitney says:

    WTF,? HOW DOD HE GET UP THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE? IF HE TOOK THE STAIR UP WHY NOT BACK DOWN? This is just weird. Are they going to see how he died? This is just weird!


  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    This whole story is very strange. How did the dog get on the roof and I take it the dog was found dead by a fence ground level? Another senseless loss of life!


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