Homeless woman and dog killed by drunk driver

Drunk driver killed homeless woman and dog who were sleeping in car

A suspected drunk driver hit and killed a homeless woman and her dog who were sleeping inside of a car parked along Hoen Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. The tragic accident happened in the early morning hours on Monday when 21-year-old Angel Ivan Martinez ran his Dodge Challenger into the parked Mazda SUV, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Investigators allege that Martinez lost control of his Challenger while intoxicated – another vehicle, described as an unoccupied black Prius, was also hit.

The woman who was sleeping in the parked vehicle has not been identified – the authorities believe that she was living in her vehicle with her dog. The driver of the Challenger sustained minor injuries – he is facing multiple charges, including suspicion of vehicular manslaughter with a DUI and with two other counts of felony DUI.

(Santa Rosa PD image)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This poor woman’s life wasn’t bad enough, God had to send a drunk driver to end it along with her precious dog.Why this should even be “suspicion” of vehicular manslaughter is beyond me, he drove impaired and killed someone. It’s shouldn’t matter that the woman was homeless! Please get him off the streets!


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