Great Dane escaping from owner struck by hit-and-run-driver

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On Tuesday morning in Central Park a Great Dane escaped from his owner and was fatally struck by a hit-and-run-driver in Midtown.

According to the New York Post, the dog had been off-leash inside of the park early in the morning when he took off. At one point he ran into a bicyclist who lost control and flipped over the handlebars. The 68-year-old man was taken to the hospital and treated for facial injuries.

The frightened dog continued to run when it ran out into the street and was struck by a vehicle which did not stop. Police state it was possible the driver may not have known he hit the dog. Observers however didn’t feel that way.

“A million people saw it. A poor puppy was killed and the car went zoom zoom. People were standing over the puppy’s body. I stayed away,” a witness stated.

At the time of the accident, the dog’s owner had not come forward.

Rest in peace poor pooch.

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