Dog died after being let off of school bus

Dog followed student onto bus, was ‘removed’ by driver and then found dead

A dog who followed a student onto a school bus in Florence, South Carolina, died after being “removed” by the school bus driver. As reported by WBTW News, the dog belonged to the grandfather of the six-year-old girl who boarded the school bus late last week.

The tragedy happened early Friday morning when Dodger, a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix, followed the little girl onto the bus. Dodger’s owner, Stan Alexander, tells WMBF News that he tried to call Dodger back, but the dog ignored him and continued to follow the child onto the bus.

Rather than turning back, the driver opted to release the dog about a half mile from his home – Dodger was later found dead on the road, after being hit by a car. Alexander expressed his grief over Dodger’s death, telling the news agency, “I just can’t deal with it. He’ll never come back and that was my heart and soul.”

The tragic situation is being investigated and the bus driver has been placed on administrative leave. Melissa Rollins, Communications Specialist for F1S, stated:

The Transportation and Human Resources Departments are working jointly to investigate the incident. Appropriate personnel actions will be taken.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t understand why the bus driver didn’t immediately remove the dog from the bus when it first got on. It sounds like Mr Alexander was there and could have retrieved his dog without incident. Such a sad situation, this is a situation that didn’t need to happen, I hope they throw the book at the bus driver!


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