Disturbing video shows dog daycare owner beating dog with stick

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In Grand Junction, Colorado, the owner of a dog daycare facility allegedly is shown in a disturbing video beating a dog with a stick or a pole. The video appears to show Stacy Erdman, the owner of Playcare Pets, hitting the dog and yelling,

“You don’t bite other puppies. Idiot!”

According to NbcNews, the Colorado Department of Agriculture is investigating and has confirmed they have filed a complaint against the business. The incident is alleged to have occurred earlier this year.

The video was sent to news media by Sasha Ross, a woman who used to run her grooming business out of the facility, and contends she had seen other acts of animal cruelty including neglect situations leaving a dog on a table and in the tub.

Erdman denies she hit the dog and instead stated she was swinging “a bendable plastic tube” near the dog because he had attacked another dog.

The video can be viewed at this link. (Be advised the video is disturbing)


(Photo of woman hitting dog at dog daycare via video)

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  1. Whitney says:

    So the owner of the day doggy day care said that the woman never hit the dog with the stick that it was beside him. Yeah fucking right!!! Fire the dumb bitch


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