Deputy adopted lost German shepherd

Deputy found lost, mangy and emaciated shepherd, then he gave her a home

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In February, a deputy with the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office discovered an emaciated, mangy German shepherd who was lost in the woods. On the day that the dog was found, Deputy Doersch was finishing up patrol in Index when he felt an unexplained pull to return to Gold Bar via Reiter Road.

It was snowing heavily on the day that Deputy Doersch found the ailing dog – initially, she was too frightened to approach, but a good Samaritan in the area helped entice her with a sandwich and shortly thereafter, she was secured in the deputy’s patrol car.

Fast forward to today…the dog, named Wiley, recuperated for some time with the Everett Animal Shelter. Her owners were found (Wiley was a runaway who had been on the lam for give months!) but they were unable to handle her medical issues, so they decided to relinquish ownership.

When Deputy Doersch found out that Wiley needed a home he did what any dog lover would do – he adopted her! This week, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office updated Facebook followers who were aware of Wiley’s story:

Many of you have followed this story, reached out wanting to help and even offered to adopt this sweet pup. We wanted to give you an update on her current status.


Without hesitation, Wiley was adopted by Deputy Doersch!!! It has been a long road to recovery, but she is healthy, has a new loving family, and she even made a special visit to our East Precinct to say “hi!” 🐶

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Mother and pup reunited! So sweet.

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