Kitten stuck in car frame for hours

Saved! Kitten stuck in frame of car for hours

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Nine-week-old Marigold is just a baby and already she has used up one of her “9 lives.” The adorable kitten somehow got stuck in the frame of a car and it was hours before some good people, and “soap, sweat, and prayers” freed her from the vehicle frame.

The precarious situation was recounted to followers of the Midas of Frankfort Facebook page this week:

Today was a weird day. Early this morning, the manager from Hardee’s next door came over to ask if we could help a customer who had a cat under his car that wouldn’t come out. Upon arrival, we found the kitten to be lodged in a hole in the subframe. I suggested he come over to the shop for extraction. 

The business described the efforts made to free the kitten:

After an hour of rear subframe removal, a Lexington Fireman, my lead tech and myself with some soap, sweat, and prayers, were able to extract the kitten from the clutches of a rear subframe on a 2000 Honda Accord. The owner of the car was more than patient while we tore his car apart to extract her, and even offered to pay us which we refused.

And commented on the odds which had been stacked against her:

The kitten, shook up and worn out, had been in there for a few hours, including a trip from Lexington, to Versailles, to Frankfort. By all rights, this kitten shouldn’t have survived but through God’s grace and the efforts of four people, she will live to see another day.

Not only was this darling kitten freed by some very good people, but she amazingly made it through the harrowing ordeal unscathed and has even secured a new home. The business shared the good news, and described how her name was chosen:

We have decided on a name given to us by Max Cady. Her name will be #Marigold, which according to Greek Mythology, was the name of King Midas’ daughter. Even after being plagued by Midas’ curse, was brought back through the grace of Dionysus’ powers! It sounds very similar to #Miracle which was an overwhelming suggestion! She will be nicknamed Mari!

As for a new home, she will be going to a new home with one of our very good clients who I know will love and care for her well, plus give her the type of life that she will love! The new parents wished to remain anonymous but I’ve known them for almost 20 years.

Find Midas of Frankfort on Facebook at this link.

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Mother and pup reunited! So sweet.

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