Deputy rescues dog on Thanksgiving

Deputies find and save ailing stray dog on Thanksgiving day

A Thanksgiving miracle of sorts played out in Pulaski County, Arkansas, yesterday. An ailing, stray dog was doing his utmost to stay warm when his sad predicament was noticed by a kind-hearted deputy.

The sickly dog, dubbed Blue, was found and rescued by Deputy Nichols with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. The rescue, and help that followed from other good Samaritans, was recounted by the sheriff’s office, which wrote:

On this Thanksgiving, we are THANKFUL for YOU. Everyone came together after we found this little guy shivering in the cold along Arch Street. Deputy Nichols named him Blue. From the deputies, to dispatchers and you — everyone joined together to find Blue shelter and medical help.

With accolades for those who are trying to save the sickly dog:

We cannot say THANK YOU enough to Chenal Valley Animal Hospital and Southern Hearts Kennel for doing what they can to try and save Blue.

Southern Hearts Kennel updated Facebook followers about the rescued pup:

Blue will get a very thorough examination and medicated bath tomorrow, but for tonight he is warm and safe with his stuffed doggie from the Sheriffs Office and new blankie from us. He is obviously extremely malnourished and surely emotionally scarred, but he’s in amazing hands now and we will find him a perfect forever home.

Update 11/29/19 1pmWe got the best news that you can get from a dog rescued off the side of the road…Blue is Heartworm Negative!!!!! Miracle.He is doing great he got a medicated bath, lots of lovings, and met his biggest fan Charlie Bravo to be fair I am betting that Charlie is wishing she had followed the old saying never meet your heroes. Due to all the trash Blue has been eating his teeth make it really hard to tell how old he is. The vet estimated between 12-18 months. After we saw Blue run over to Charlie with no doggie manners we could tell he is all puppy probably not even a year old. We just left from visiting him at the vet so stay tuned for lots of pictures and videos. Update 11/29/19 10amLive video of Blue 11/28/19 9pm him!Meet Blue.Today I am thankful for good officers who ask for help for poor abandoned and unloved babies like this.I was at home in bed on this cold & rainy morning when a friend reached out to me about this poor guy who was lying on the side of the road. I immediately went to work contacting my rescue partner Whitney. I sent her a picture and we discussed a plan for rescue as I went to meet an amazing officer with the Pulaski County Sheriffs Office, Officer Nichols, who had had responded to a call about Blue. Since it is a holiday, he was outside the city limits, and she was on duty she didn’t have many options. Once I saw the pictures I got up, got dressed, and dashed out the door to go get this guy out of that hellhole he was in. I met her out there and together we coaxed Blue our from his cave he had created in an old box spring to try and keep himself out of the weather. He is incredibly sweet and gentle. He let me pick him up and carrying him to my car. He curled up with his teddy bear in the heated seat as the rain began to pour down. He closed his eyes and knew he was safe.It was most important to get him warm and dry. As I was enroute to the rescue the deputy called and said an amazing vet, Dr. Kim Miller with Chenal Valley Animal Hospital, had agreed to treat him today. So now we are here and that amazing vet came in on her day off to get him checked out. We did basics today today due to limited staff. He was given antibiotics, steroids, and nextguard for the mange. He is warm and safe. He will stay at the vet for a few days and then he will come out to the rescue for rehab. The vet has graciously offered to cover the cost of his medical care but he is one of many dogs that we take in.And as you see we say 24/7 and clearly we don’t take holidays off. Welcome to SHK rescue Blue! your life will be nothing but happiness and safety from now on.Donations for Southern Hearts Rescue gratefully accepted through these methods:PayPalSouthernheartsrescue@gmail.comChecks or packages can be mailed toSouthern Hearts Rescue13616 Mars Hill Rd, Bauxite AR 72011

Posted by Southern Heart's Kennel on Thursday, November 28, 2019


Blue is safe and receiving the care that he needs. Anyone who is interested in helping him can do so by making a donation:


Checks or packages can be mailed to
Southern Hearts Rescue
13616 Mars Hill RD, Bauxite AR 72011

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