Blind 10-year-old husky rescued from drainage pipe

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Thanks to the compassionate help of the Sacramento Fire Department, a blind, 10-year-old Siberian husky was rescued from a drainage pipe two days after her owner discovered her missing.

According to AbcNews, Kona had escaped from her yard through a small opening in the patio gate. She then fell into a levee and crawled her way through sewer pipes where she became stuck. Being blind, she became completely disoriented and continued to crawl upstream in the sewer pipes until she could no longer move. Her owner, Brian Kirkegaard searched for her, but worried something terrible had happened to his beloved pal. He was afraid he had lost Kona forever; after all besides being blind, she limped and was prone to seizures.

By the kindest sweep of fate, a neighbor heard Kona crying from a sewer drain two days later. Sacramento firefighters arrived to help, and using a special harness were able to lift the dog out of the pipe. Cold, wet and scared, the dog wagged her tail – oh how happy she was to have been found.

Fergus Johnson from the Sacramento City Fire Rescue gave the heartwarming details:

“…Once I got down there the dog came right over and started leaning on me. She wanted some head scratches.”

Check out the video:

For the last two days the owner of a dog named “Kona”has been searching for her after she had wandered off. Kona is blind and ended up 10 feet down in a storm drain. Sacramento Fire set up a technical rescue to rescue Kona and reunite her with her owner. She was hoisted to safety and her owner couldn’t be happier. Sacramento Area Firefighters Local 522 A&E The Dodo Front Street Animal Shelter – City of Sacramento

Posted by Sacramento Fire Department on Friday, May 31, 2019

The happiest part of the day – Kona and Brian were reunited.

Many thanks to all the heroes and for being the voice for those who cannot speak.

(Photos via Good Day Sacramento screenshots)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    Many blessings to Kona and her firefighter rescue heroes! Firefighters are also among the”unsung” heroes because their “miracles” usually take place behind the scenes.


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