Animal control to decide fate of dog

Animal control to decide fate of dog who bit off child’s hand

The animal control agency in Davis County, Utah, will determine the fate of a dog who bit off a child’s hand a few days ago. As reported by KUTV News, the husky was seized from its owner after the four-year-old boy’s arm was pulled off on Sunday afternoon in Layton.

It isn’t a black and white situation…the dog was not running loose at the time, and technically the boy wasn’t injured as the result of an outright attack. The dog was inside of his owner’s fenced yard when the incident took place, and the child put his arm, which was inside of a sock, beneath vinyl fencing. When the dog grabbed hold of the “sock” and pulled, the child suffered a serious injury.

Rhett Nicks, director of Davis County Animal Care and Control, told the news agency, “It’s difficult, I won’t lie. A lot of these cases are not cut and dry.”

Two dogs were in the yard when the incident unfolded – and both dogs have been seized and placed into quarantine. A petition, asking for the dogs’ lives to be spared, has been started; already over 31,000 people have signed – you can view the details of the petition at this link.

What do you think should happen? Is this just an unfortunate accident or is the dog to blame?

The child underwent surgery, but his arm was never located. Original article about the incident can be find at this link.

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14 replies
  1. Dianne says:

    This is definitely an unfortunate accident. I feel horrible for that child however I don’t think that this is an action that the dog should pay for with its life. obviously there’s a necessity for a solid fence between the two properties at this point in time

  2. Kat says:

    This was an unfortunate accident and the dog should not lose his life over it! The dog was in his own fenced in yard and the child put his arm under the fence. The parents of the child should be held accountable for the boys actions. Do not kill the dog because of someone else’s mistake!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    These dogs were in their own yard, not bothering anyone and an obviously unsupervised 4 year old stuck his arm under a fence and suffered the consequences. I feel for the kid and his family but I don’t see where this is the dog’s , or the owner of the dog’s fault. They were obviously contained and not running loose and there is no evidence that this was even an attack. I will be happy to sign the petition These dog’s do NOT deserve to die over an unfortunate though avoidable accident, had the child been properly supervised.

  4. Pamela D says:


  5. Jeanette Fossum says:

    the child put a sock on his arm, the dog was pulling the sock. like the dog can tell the difference. stupid parents. teach your kids, Not to play with strange dogs/animals.

  6. Teresa says:

    If the child was being looked after this wouldn’t have a happened, these dogs don’t deserve to die over something that could’ve been avoided.

  7. Betty says:

    an unfortunate accident on the child and the pups
    The pups were in their on yard and the little child went to touch them
    As a parent a child can get away in a split second but the pup shouldn’t pay the price for what happen
    But if this was done by a pitbull this would be all over the news and that pup would lose is life no question asked
    I can picture the headline PITBULL RIP OFF CHILD ARM

  8. Dalma Bugg says:

    These dogs are completely innocent of everything in this case. Four year olds are too smart for their own good these days – which is EXACTLY why they need to be supervised at all times. He knew he could trick the dogs by wearing a sock on his arm, he was correct. NO DOG would ever think the socked arm was anything other than a chew toy, without seeing the whole child attached. His parents are fully responsible for this event occurring. I will not call it an accident, as this boy’s inrptent was clearly to trick the dogs. Neither the dogs nor the owner are in anyway to blame.creturn the dogs to their home and rightful owner, and sue the parents for the kennel custody time of the dogs, as well as all medical and legal costs involved in the case from day one to closing.


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