Wet cold and snowy, little dog abandoned in outside shelter pen

For more than three hours, an abandoned little dog was left shivering and frightened after someone tied him up in an open outdoor pen in the cold, the wet and the snowy. The Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (A.W.S.O.M.) were called to help the neglected pup on Monday night.

“Our shelter staff received a phone call last night that put us in a state of panic, and also broke our hearts. At 10:30 last night a neighbor heard barking and went over to the shelter. What he found was this little dog tied up in an open pen outside with a bowl of dry food out of his reach,” the organization posted on their social media page with the heartbreaking photos of the scared and neglected black and white dog.

And in that freezing pen, an abandoned dog sat crying for attention and help. He had nothing to protect him from the weather, no safe place to hide and had been left out in a snow filled cage while temperatures in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania continued to plummet. Fortunately, the neighbor took to the dog to a safe place for the night and brought him to A.W.S.O.M. in the morning.

Whoever owned this dog had obviously not provided for him; the little guy has been neglected for a long period of time.

“This sweet boy is so severely matted and urine stained, and he is hurting. We are working on grooming him at the moment, and his poor nails are curved deep into his feet making it painful to walk. He feels thin and malnourished as well, but we will not know the extent until we get all of these mats off of him.”

It is believed the dog had been intentionally dumped; surveillance video showed he had been left outside in the freezing cold for hours before he finally cried out for attention and help.

Now dubbed Alexander, the rescue’s main concern is to help this little dog feel better.

“We are unsure of what type of medical needs he will need, but we do know he needs help and we are here to do just that!”

To help Alexander, please click here.

Updates to follow.

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