Update #2: Thurston horse accidentally severed own tongue

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In Yelm, Washington, authorities have been investigating whether a Thurston’s horse’s tongue was severed in an accident or if it had been intentionally cut out. The horse named Annie had to be humanely euthanized since she was not able to drink or eat.

The initial necropsy report posted two days later on the Thurston County Sheriff’s Department Facebook stated a forensic veterinarian determined Annie’s preliminary results indicated intentional trauma – someone cut out her tongue on purpose. In another update, according to the organization’s Facebook page, Annie accidentally cut her tongue herself:

“Update on Annie: several veterinarians looked at the injury to her tongue and a necropsy was performed. This was a first for all of the vets and for the Sheriff’s Office. After considerable deliberation and several expert opinions, this injury is determined to be an accident. Annie was not maliciously assaulted.”

Annie had been an extremely friendly horse and would approach anyone. Annie’s owner found the horse in her backyard without her tongue; which had been found nearby. Rest in peace sweet horse.

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  1. Sorry, this so called ‘expect opinion’ sounds like a bunch of BS to me. Never heard of a horse severing their own tongue – Annie deserves justice and now will never get it. Something stinks to high heaven about this story – cover up maybe????

  2. How could she begin to several her own tongue & continue through Horric, Excruciating Pain,,& no one heard or saw this. Sorry, I will Never believe this. I will Believe that someone did this horrific act to her.


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