Bonded emu and donkey need a home together

Rescue seeks home for bonded emu and donkey – donkey cries if separated

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It’s a love story which has gone viral…the story of donkey and an emu (Jack and Diane) who are so deeply bonded to one another that their rescue agency feels they need to be placed in a forever home together. Jack and Diane are currently in the care of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue – the agency which has vowed to do its utmost to keep the pair together.

The sweet story

As reported by the Charlotte Observer, the animals were rescued from South Carolina after their owner disappeared…after arriving to the North Carolina rescue group, it quickly became apparent that they were bonded and needed to stay together.

In fact, the rescue group has stated that when Jack and Diane are separated from each other, they cry and become frantic.

As it turns out, the donkey doesn’t like other donkeys, and the emu has no interest in other emus – these love birds only have eyes for one another. On Thursday, the rescue organization wrote:

Jack attacked another donkey who got NEAR Diane. He is protective of her. We tried letting Diane near our emu Dino and we struck out again. They are perfectly happy together. Jack does not want any other donkeys near him or Diane. They cant be housed with other donkeys or emus.


I think all the hoopla is tiring them out and we have asked for a break for them. This is a new place and they haven’t had a ton of human contact. They are friendly but not used to this traffic.

Adoption inquiries

If you are interested in Jack and Diane, please email – find the rescue agency’s Facebook page here.

(Image credit Carolina Waterfowl Rescue)

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