Potential adopters bypass beautiful senior dog as they clamor for puppies

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A beautiful senior dog is sitting inside of a lonely kennel run waiting to be noticed. The 10-year-old dog, named Maryann, has been at the Los Angeles County Animal Control facility in Downey since April…but she is continually overlooked by potential adopters.

Why is this beautiful senior dog being missed?

Two days ago, an advocate for Maryann explained why she has been missed by potential adopters:

“Her kennel is right by puppies.
Every one flocks to the puppies not realizing Maryann is perfected and very much Puppy like but with the perfect dispostion.
She has a smile so bright.”

How you can help this deserving senior dog

You can help this deserving senior dog by networking this article, which contains her adoption information. People visiting the animal shelter may be missing Maryann, but you can help her be seen by thousands of people by networking to your social media sites (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter). It just takes one person to save this old girl’s life – please help get her information to that person by taking two seconds to click “share.”

Petharbor link for Maryann here.

For more information about this animal, call:
Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898
Ask for information about animal ID number A5170365

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  1. Maryann is 10 years old. I want to adopt a pet and have them hopefully for many years. Am I going to look at the cute puppies or Maryann? Sadly, I know from experience the older the dog, sometimes the bigger the expense. I will be paying off my credit cards for years that I used for my 13 year old’s vet bills and now he is gone anyway. It is a sad reality that goes with an older dog, to do what you have to, to keep them well and pain free is not cheap. I pray for Maryann, I know she is a wonderful girl worthy of a good home and love, but her age is against her. Someone like me who is older and would adopt an older pet is on a fixed income and sometimes aren’t getting by on it too well to begin with so to take in an older dog could be a financial burden. I will be sharing this pretty girl and sincerely hope she finds the love and home she so deserves.

    • I agree with you Barkley’s Mom. If you are financially well off you can adopt an older dog, but if you are on a fixed income you know you can’t afford an older dog. I wish I was able to do that but I can’t. I will adopt another dog someday that is not a puppy when my last dog crosses the Rainbow Bridge. I will be on a very fixed low-income due to my pending divorce. I will lucky to be able to afford one dog when the time comes. I belong to the PetSmart Wellness Program, I have found it does help me save money on vet expenses. The older the dog I think the price does go up, I am paying $25.00 a month but that is on one of the cheaper programs they have. They have 3 different programs you can choose from and receive more benefits and coverage. The one bonus with their program you don’t have to pay for the vet appointment, you can come in as many times a month you want with your dog, BUT you do still have to pay for the meds they use or the meds you will need for your dog.

  2. There are some shelters that have programs where you adopt a dog and they help with the medical care for seniors who are adopted. That would be helpful to those of us who are older and have been through the costly process of keeping our dogs healthy and once sick, do what we can with proper care. All of this is costly for a senior couple, so some type of assistance might encourage more older people to adopt knowing they would get help if needed. There should be a ranch type shelter where all these un-adoptable dogs/cats can go to live out the rest of their lives, like Best Friends has in Utah.

  3. Christine’s point seems logical.
    Also, when people are writing about the expense of an older dog, that is not logical, because today’s puppy will be an older dog one day too, and you’ll need to spend money then. And a senior person needs to consider that if they adopt a puppy, they might not be able to care for it as they get older(not the puppy -the person)

    • In other words, we old people should just forget about owning pets? My point was, if you take on an older dog the expenses could be horrendous from the start where as most younger dogs and puppies don’t usually have the multitude of afflictions an older dog has. And I would never adopt a puppy unless I had a back up plan should something happen to me and that is at ANY age. Tomorrow isn’t a given no matter what age you are.

    • Thank you – that is the best idea – Maryann needs to be seen by people NOT looking for puppies – not everyone wants a puppy – seniors would prefer an older dog who is settled and not as active. I understand the expense can be larger but in the long run an older dog is much more comfort and easier to handle. I second your idea of moving her into another area where there are older dogs where she will show better. Someone is out there for her – they just need to be able to see her in the right light.

  4. Puppies are so much cheaper than senior dogs?
    Let’s see my girl had 10,000 in vet bills before she was 2, than there was the shoes the wall the doors & other things she chewed up than if you are responsible puppy owner training classes.
    One of my boys a year old I just paid 300.00 because he eat something he should have. We thought it might be a blockage so we needed X-rays blood tests & ultrasound. (I didn’t want a puppy but I do rescue & he needed a home)
    Yep puppies are a lot less of an expense.
    Me personally I prefer seniors they are past the chewing & usually housebroken they just make awesome companions.


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