Puppy trapped six-feet down in sewer pipe rescued by firefighters

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A five-week-old puppy was rescued in Charlotte, North Carolina this morning after falling six-feet into a sewer drain early Thursday morning. According to Charlotte firefighters, the miniature poodle became stuck in the drain on Evergreen Terrace taking rescue workers nearly two hours to save the frightened little pooch.

Water service was shut off in the area as officials dug two holes in order to monitor which end the puppy fell and how deep. A “Plan B” option would have followed the puppy’s trail into the main line enabling a way for rescuers to catch her.

The puppy has been returned to her owner and is reported to be doing well.

Many thanks to the Charlotte firefighters. You heroes rock!

(Photos courtesy of Charlotte Fire Department)

More news and updates on the National Pet Rescue Facebook page.

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  1. Another wonderful rescue of a pup by selfless people. These are true Americans who represent what is good in this country, there to help others whether it be human or animal. What a wonderful story and an equally wonderful outcome.

  2. HUGE THANK YOU to all who stepped up and rescued this little one. Hopefully, these owners will step up and extend a letter of gratitude to the firefighters and water service personnel who made sure their dog was recovered safely. These people deserve a big ‘thank you’ party for rescuing this little dog.


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