Old dog surrendered

Old dog surrendered because family didn’t want to deal with him on the 4th

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Update 7/12/18: Randall has been adopted!!

An old dog is sitting in a California animal shelter because his family didn’t want to “deal with him” when the fireworks were let off on the 4th of July. Randall, an eight-year-old English Mastiff, was taken to the Victor Valley Animal Protection League (VVAPL) in June – today, he is still waiting for someone to take him home.

More information about this old boy

Randall is a very big boy, weighing in at an impressive 150-pounds. Because of his size, the shelter staff wants a meet and greet with any other dogs who live in the household of potential adopters. Susanne Roy, the community outreach coordinator for VVAPL, tells the Pet Rescue Report:

He is a big sweetheart that just needs a big comfy bed and a family to love.

How you can help this surrendered senior dog

You have the power to help Randall – even if you do not live near him. Please share this article to your social networking sites (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook) to help get Randall’s information in front of people who might want to adopt him.

Petfinder link for Randall here.

VVAPL Humane Society
21779 Zuni Road
Apple Valley, Ca. 92307

Video of Randall

Posted by Susanne Roy on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

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17 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    What is wrong with these selfish self-centered NUTCASES? I hope they get dumped and abandoned when they get old! Hopefully, SOONER!

  2. Gens says:

    Don’t tell me not to judge these people, I have dogs also I i do EVERYTHING I can to make them comfortable.These people are uncaring lazy and self centered !

  3. Deborah Dearmore says:

    Please someone take this baby into your life and home and let him love you. He as well as you need that at this very moment. Please help him, he needs out of that little place he is in. He is such a big beautiful boy. I know there is that one special person that can love him for the rest of his life.

  4. Luana Duncan says:

    His previous owners sound like a bunch of losers!! It wasn’t because of the 4th of July, it’s because they didn’t give a rat’s ass about Randall!! U know. I watched the video an he is so beautiful!! You’ll b in my prayers Randal!!


    those lousy horrible people that gave up this sweet old dog. I hope when they get old, no one wants to take care of them either.

  6. Red says:

    Poor old guy…. hopefully someone will want him. Bless his heart….to be in a family all your life and then just GET DUMPED! These people who do this SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO have another pet for 5 years!!!! There should be a penalty to dumping for stupid reasons!

  7. Rob says:

    Really, they didn’t want to deal with their dog on 4th of July, lame excuse. We have a pit bull and Doberman who are 2 big strong dogs but are deathly afraid of fireworks and we get invited to parties every 4th and decline without blinking. We choose to spend it with our dogs and have a great 4th every year. These people should be banned for life from owning a pet, they are an absolute disgrace to faithful dog owners. Karma is a bitch.

  8. susispot says:

    Randell needs a better family to love and care for him. His lazy ass people that could care less for his future need a swift visit from Mr. KARMA. Sharing for a forever family.

  9. Star Shelley says:

    Really! why in hell do people have dogs, than decide they don’t want them. How irresponsible can these idiots be. sharing with love and prayers for his life and freedom with a good loving and caring family.

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope when these examples of human garbage get old no one wants to deal with them and they are left on the doorstep of a 3rd rate nursing home or preferably under a damn bridge – let them see how it feels to not be wanted anymore. These piss poor jerks need a dose of their own medicine. Hopefully, there is that special person out there who will adopt Randall and give him the loving home he was previously denied.

  11. Eilene says:

    I hope he finds a good home, where he can be happy 365 days a year. Sham on them for not loving him enough. Dogs are so special, they love you unconditionally.


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