Palm Beach County K9 officer killed at shooting at Wellington Mall

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Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department have confirmed two suspects are in custody after a shooting that left a Palm Beach County K9 officer dead outside of the Mall at Wellington Green.

According to CbsNews, shortly before 6:00 p.m. on Monday,deputies had been searching for two men allegedly involved in an attempted murder at a Palm Beach County bar. According to Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, deputies found the men, where they had been joined by a third person at the mall.

Deputies observed the men on mall surveillance video and decided to wait until the men left the mall to arrest them in order to reduce the risk of anyone getting hurt. As one suspect surrendered, another man took off and K-9 Cigo pursued him. The person then shot K-9 Cigo that still managed to reach the man. The suspect then shot at deputies who returned fire and hit the man several times.

On Twitter, the PBSO posted the following:

“Our hearts are truly broken after a suspect shot and killed our K9 Dog tonight, on Christmas Eve. He did his job, giving his life to save and protect our own. – Sheriff @RicBradshaw”

Three-year-old K9 Cigo had been rushed to an emergency veterinarian and died shortly after arrival.

“Rest in Peace #K9 Cigo.”

According to WptvNews, the suspect is wanted for first degree murder and is in critical condition at the hospital.

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  1. Rest in peace brave K-9 Cigo. My condolences to your handler, family and fellow officers I know how much you will be missed. This is heartbreaking.

  2. My❣heart goes out to you on this very sad night. Why would anyone shot your charished dog, K-9 Officer Cigo on Christmas Eve? I’m so sorry…
    ? R.I.P. Officer K-9 Cigo you’ll be greatly missed…

  3. And, of course, it will be reported like all the others, as if the department lost “one of it’s own,” a “fellow officer” and beloved “partner” (with the obvious implication that the dog was treated with respect, not brutality, by his handlers and ‘trainers’).

    And the majority of people will buy it, because it was reported that way, it comes from “authority,” and it’s much easier and more comfortable to believe that the authorities would never lie to us.

  4. First up RIP K9 Cigo. I’m so sorry your life was ruined by conscription to the Police Dept. Sadly, you were not “doing your duty”, you were carrying out orders which you had been trained to do and had no choice in. You should’ve been at home indoors with your furever family by that time of night, not outdoors chasing criminals with weapons which might, and did inevitably, take your life. It’s high time animals were not conscripted into dangerous duties such as this and also the Defence Dept – there are robots and drones now that can travel faster than humans on foot and they should be employed rather than risking the lives of innocent precious animals who should be having adventures with their families, or playing in the park, not running ragged chasing criminals until their luck runs out. Yes, they are cheaper than robots and drones, but those things are not living, breathing precious animals who should be living a peaceful life. K9 officers and military dogs don’t have the home their human counterparts have. A mn or woman chooses to join or enlist with Police or Military, but these dogs get no say – they are chosen as puppies and live a life of training and servitude all their days until their life is snuffed out often with a bullet too early.
    This has to change and I’m talking globally, not just the USA


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