Good Samaritan found injured puppy on the interstate

Injured puppy rescued
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An injured puppy, apparently abandoned on an interstate in Indianapolis, is recovering thanks to a good Samaritan who turned to the local fire department for help. On December 22, the Indianapolis Fire Department posted photos of the puppy and Tweeted:

6:15 pm – This adorable injured puppy – found on the interstate – was dropped off at Station 10 by a Good Samaritan & is now headed to Noah’s Animal Hospital for treatment. If you have info please call 911.

The puppy’s prognosis

Details about the puppy’s injuries were not provided, but he/she (not specified) seems to be doing well. A day after the initial Tweet, a promising update was provided:

The adorable pup (see previous post) is still under doctors care at Noah’s Animal Hospital and doing very well. If you have info please call the non-emergency dispatch number at 317-327-3811 🚔 or 317-327-6000 🚒 and let us know.

Information sought

If you have any information about this injured puppy, please reach out to the non-emergency number at 317-327-3811.

(Image via Twitter)

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