Dying dog's bucket list

Dying dog’s final bucket list item has been completed

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From the outside, four-year-old Fiesty looks like a perfectly healthy pit bull…unfortunately, looks don’t tell the entire story. Fiesty has been diagnosed with terminal cancer – though her prognosis is grim, she is being loved by people who want to show her the best that life has to offer before her time runs out.

Fiesty’s bucket list

The good people at Indiana’s Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County decided to create a fun bucket list on Fiesty’s behalf.  On December 14, the animal welfare organization shared the list with Facebook followers…with a post from Fiesty’s perspective:

I am not sad and I don’t want you to be either, I just want to have some fun meeting new friends and have some laughs along the way. So if any of these things sound fun to you, let my Mom Chelsey, or one of my aunts Misha or Nickee know. Hope to meet you soon.
My Bucket List
Take a selfie on the trail
Eat a steak (med well)
Feel the wind from a car ride
Eat an ice cream cone
Take a picture with a feather boa
Play tug of war with a giant rope
Wear a purple sweater
Paint my nails
Selfie with a cop
Ride in a big truck (maybe even a semi)
Take a picture in a fire truck
My picture in the paper (I kinda want to be famous)

It didn’t take long for the fun to start – on December 15, the agency wrote:

Feisty has had a big day!!! This morning she took a car ride with a family to Big R, then before lunch she got her semi ride, and then this evening, two of Crawfordsville’s finest came to meet our girl!! Top that off with a cheeseburger, two steaks, and a roast beef sandwich through out the day, and I’d say it was a GREAT one!! Thank you so much, Montgomery County. Feisty is lucky to have you!

By Friday, all of the fun activities were complete – right down to a pampering day at the spa.

Nobody, canine or otherwise, is guaranteed a certain amount of time. But everyone, pups or otherwise, deserves to feel loved and cared about until that day arrives. Great job to everyone who has been showing Fiesty just how loved she is.

Find more photos of Fiesty here.

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Just an adorable game of hide and seek!

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5 replies
  1. Jenna Leigh says:

    Live your life to the fullest Feisty!!!! My Freckles will be at Rainbow Bridge to welcome and hang out with you. She too had cancer. Freckles didn’t get a bucket list like you. She went to Rainbow Bridge the day after the diagnosis. She was a good dog like you. Be sure to give all of the wonderful people there at the shelter lots of kisses and snuggles. They will miss you greatly as I miss my Freckles.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Wonderful that Feisty has some very special friends who want to make the time she has left enjoyable, which I am sure it has been. All dogs should have this done for them when it is their time to go. Hope Feisty is just the start of making these dogs feel so special and other shelters follow their lead.

  3. Dalma Bugg says:

    One thing for sure Feisty, you’re well loved by your community, and I don’t think you’ll be crossing rainbow bridge from any hospice bed. I’m glad you’re living the life!


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