Just a pup – Ollie is most at risk of being killed for space

Homeless pup at risk of being put down
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Ollie is just a pup, and already his life is in jeopardy. The 10-month-old puppy, held in a crowded Texas shelter, is at risk of being euthanized for space – according to SAPA Urgents & Adoptables, the mixed breed puppy is being held in transition kennels at the busy animal shelter. SAPA Urgents explains the urgency:

The TRANSITION Kennels mean that the dog has been released but has been given more time to find a foster, adopter, or rescue. TRAN DOGS are not safe & urgently need a commitment!

A bit of information about this at-risk pup

In a Facebook post, SAPA describes Ollie:

Ollie will melt your heart with all his cuteness! He’s a sweet and calm pup who really enjoys getting lots of pets. He’s also very soft, which makes him perfect for cuddling! This awesome pup will make a great addition to any home! Ollie is around 10 months old and weighs about 25 lbs.

Saving Ollie

You can help save this puppy’s life by networking on his behalf. Anyone in the area who can assist is asked to email: [email protected]
Ollie’s identification # 504311

Location: San Antonio city animal shelter (Texas)

Facebook thread here.

Please note: All inquiries about Ollie must be directed to SAPA or the city animal shelter. The Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact for this puppy.

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(Image of Ollie via Facebook)

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  1. Ollie should be snatched up quickly. Promote him so he is seem and those who live near this facility must go see him and rescue him. He is adorable and will make any family a wonderful part of their lives.


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