Michigan man pleads guilty to using a steak knife to amputate dog’s leg

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On Thursday, a Hamtramck man pleaded guilty to animal cruelty using a steak knife to amputate his dog’s back leg. Charles Wofford, 50, agreed to a plea deal which is expected to be a probation sentencing thus avoiding jail time.

According to FoxNews, Wofford admitted on April 25, that he amputated his dog, Blackie’s leg with a steak knife because the dog’s foot had turned gangrene after having had a fight with another dog. Wofford repeatedly told authorities he was not able to afford veterinarian care and insisted the dog felt no pain after cutting off the animal’s leg. He said he used a combination of Novocaine and hydrogen peroxide.


In addition, Wofford told the judge that he and his daughter were very attached to Blackie and when they called the Humane Society for help, they were told it would cost $750 to treat him; otherwise the dog would likely be euthanized.

After Blackie was seized from Wofford, the dog underwent additional surgery and after a month placed him with a new family; his new name was Mackinac. During that time, the dog’s behavior worsened forcing the adoptive family to send him back to the rescue where he had been showing signs of extreme stress – barking, trying to bite and baring his teeth. On August 4, the dog was humanely euthanized.

Wofford told the judge he did not believe he had done anything wrong.

“I believe it was something that had to be done otherwise I think the dog would’ve lost his life,” Wofford told the judge, who told him the operation needed to be done by a veterinarian.

In addition Wofford will not be allowed to own any animals and ordered to undergo a mental health examination and follow any recommended treatment.

Wofford is expected to be sentenced on January 24, 2019.

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