Horse found with tongue cut out euthanized

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In Yelm, Washington, authorities are investigating whether a horse’s tongue was severed in an accident or if it had been intentionally cut out. On Wednesday, the horse named Annie was humanely euthanized since she was not able to drink or eat.

According to Fox News, Annie had been an extremely friendly horse and would approach anyone. On Tuesday, Annie’s owner found the horse in her backyard without her tongue. As of Wednesday, it was inconclusive if the horse had been mutilated on purpose or yanked out accidentally in a deliberate act. Thurston County sheriff’s deputies stated it would have taken three or four people to hold her down. A necrospy to determine the exact cause is expected to be available on Thursday.

Deputies described another case of animal abuse nearby recently that causes concern the cases may be connected. A still alive, emaciated sheep was discovered stuffed into two plastic garbage bags. No suspects were ever found.

Rewards to $3,000 have been offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) involved in this horrific case of possible animal abuse. Contact or call 360.584.5560. You can also call 1.800.222.TIPS (8477) or

Rest in peace Annie.

(Photo of horse with her tongue cut out via Thurston County Sheriff’s Department)

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9 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    These vile, disgusting cretins need to have the same thing done to them the minute they are caught. Tongues cut out and stuffed in a double garbage bag and left to rot. No justice for them and “an eye for an eye” punishments needs to be done. Please let me know if these scum are caught.

  2. JB says:

    I’m finding some of these statements, weird. Don’t know if the horses’ tongue was cut out? It couldn’t eat or drink. Ok, so how did it get that size if that horse was born like that. Next, how often does the owner visit that poor horse not to know if it was cut out? Blood, pain or possibly the horse screaming that the tongue was caught or someone did it. Can someone else explain this that can make more sense?

    • Cheryl Hanna says:

      The horse was not born without a tongue. Something happened Tuesday night and there is a necropsy that should reveal if it was an evil act or some kind of terrible accident. There were no details released as to blood found in the area. I wish I knew, but will continue to follow the investigation and update.

      • JB says:

        Normally, I read what the news station link has. And it said they did find the tongue. So the question remains, was it caught or cut out. How would this beautiful horse not make a sound either way? I just read that if it was cut out, they will look at the owner for animal abuse. So hard to believe that anyone could do this. These animals are so majestic. And she is just gorgeous! Who would want to hurt her???

      • Bunny Peters says:

        Thank you very much for following this case and updating us as soon as you learn……..

        Our family has horses (as well as cats, fish, lizards, & dogs) & to find a family member fatally mutilated would be absolutely heartbreaking and devastating…….. my sympathies and condolences to Annie’s family……

        RIP precious Annie & look for a gorgeous bay gelding, AKA Sailor, who will show you the best scenic trails in Heaven……

        The POS’s who tortured and abused this precious furbaby have reserved spaces in Hell where they will burn forever for their cruelty….. let’s all hope that they get there ASAP (after dying unloved, alone, afraid and in pain)…….

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS is too Horrific and BIZZARR to even comment on… We Too have horses and a mule… I quite frankly even comprehend how THIS COULD BE AN ACCIDENT!!!


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