GTS Husky Rescue rescues 13 sickly dogs from Mississippi breeder

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When GTS Husky Rescue was founded in 2014, their goal and mission was to save arctic breed dogs from high kill shelters across the nation. Although specializing in these breeds, they have also taken in and helped others when space allows.

Located in Jupiter, Florida, GTS Husky Rescue is a 100% no-kill shelter strictly run by volunteers with no paid staff members.  All dogs stay either on the ranch or with a foster until they can be adopted. Those dogs that are deemed “unadoptable” due to behavior problems or medical issues, are either kept at the ranch or placed in long-term foster homes while they are rehabilitated.  According to the statement on their website, they are “dedicated to improving the lives of helpless dogs.”

The rescue recently took in 13 abused and neglected dogs from a Mississippi breeder who passed away. All 13 dogs are in horrible shape both physically and mentally.  Not only is their fur matted to their skin, but they are all sickly and have tested positive for heart, whip, tape and hook worms. They were all forced to live outside in their own filth and forced to do the unimaginable.

Besides their physical ailments, all the dogs are so skittish, no one can go near them. They have never had human interaction, never been petted, never known love. When they arrived at GTS Husky Rescue on March 22, 2018, they were terrified and lay motionless when exiting their transport crates.

It is truly tragic what these dogs have been subjected too, yet GTS Husky Rescue could not turn them away. According to GTS, this is their biggest rescue mission to date. These dogs will require much care and love before they can be re-homed as the extent of the abuse they have suffered runs deep. Before that, they will need vetting as well as vetting for their babies when the pregnant ones give birth and the proper training required to make them adoptable.

The volunteers at GTS Husky Rescue are ready to shower them with love and eventually get them into foster care.

You can watch their video here

They desperately need donations to assure these poor, voiceless souls will get everything they need such as the vet care, training, good food and shelter at the rescue ranch and continued care at their foster homes.

To donate visit the website

Donations can be sent via PayPal to [email protected].  Please specify for 13 dogs from Mississippi.








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  1. As far as I am concerned BREEDER IS JUST A FANCY NAME FOR PUPPY MILL and the miserable treatment these dogs received is proof positive. This abuse did not just happen, it was going on for a long time. HUGE THANK YOU to GTS HUSKY RESCUE for stepping up and taking these dogs in and giving them the medical and mental treatment they never had. ALL so called ‘breeders’ should be regulated as dogs are constantly bred for as long as they can produce, then dumped or killed and no breeder can tell me differently.


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