Good Samaritans help homeless man and his dog

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A group of Good Samaritans got together to help a homeless man and his dog. Brett Edwards recently became homeless and was living in his jeep with his 8-year-old dog named Lobo.  His story was posted on Facebook, and a kindhearted lady named Bridgette Piaffe offered to foster Lobo while some other people tried to get Brett back on his feet and into a better living situation.

However, while in his foster home, Lobo broke out of the crate, so Brett had to come back and pick him up.  Michelle Ramer Benoit also reached out to help Brett Edwards when hearing of his plight. She and a friend offered to pay for Lobo to stay for a week at a dog day care. They also paid for his rabies vaccine.

Michelle’s other friend Denise Hutchison also saw the Facebook posting on Brett and Lobo and offered to buy a stronger crate for Lobo, so he could return to his foster home and hopefully, not escape again. Unfortunately, Lobo once again tried to break out of his crate and got stuck. Bridgette was at work at the time, so he was stuck for a few hours. She freed him as soon as she got home but he had sustained some injuries. He was taken to the vet where it was determined if he had not gone to the vet he would have likely died or lost his leg.  Apparently, the skin on Lobo’s leg had turned necrotic from the lack of circulation for so long.  He also had a massive infection on his leg and a huge hole in his lip.  In addition to all of this, a blood panel showed his kidney levels were very high.

Lobo was hospitalized in Miami for several days before going to Love Is Furever Dog Rescue. Brett Edwards made the choice to surrender Lobo to them. Lobo is still hospitalized and will continue to get blood work to check his kidney function as well as treatment for his leg to insure the infection is contained.  He will need a surgical procedure to clean away the necrotic tissue to save his leg. Once he leaves the hospital, he will go to a new foster who will be home all day to watch over Lobo who is cat and kid friendly as well as gets along with other dogs.

Please help Lobo and his rescuers with his mounting medical bills.

(Photos via Good Samaritans and Lobo Love is Furever Dog Rescue)

Donations can be sent through Paypal at

Or to a GoFundMe

An incredible transformation

Above all, friendship

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  1. Sue says:

    So very sad how corrupt profiting agencies can cause damage in the midst of alleged “rescue.” Although there is no actual proof that rabies shots “prevent” rabies (though there is proof on hand of “vaccine-induced rabies”), giant corporations have taken over, a long time ago, and managed to issue illegal “mandates” to poison ourselves, our children and our animals.



    There’s so much more, but the last time I included a dozen links or more, it wasn’t published. So, this will have to do for now.

  2. Dalma Bugg says:

    Well my Thoughts and Prayers will be on getting Lobo and his long time owner reunited as they really do need each other. Why else would Lobo have tried to escape? Foster carers make loads of observations and assessments before introducing such huge issues as crate training, so I doubt that was the issue for him – he just wanted to be with his Dad. Also praying that the right accommodation and work will b found for Brett so that he can re-adopt Lobo. There has to be some way to work this out surely, as there is already a number of interested parties networking for them and we can all do our bit as well. Please don’t forget to donate whatever you can afford to help this precious dog and his Dad.


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