Three dogs severely beaten and left to die in Clewiston

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Had it not been for the help of the Clewiston Animal Services and a rescuer,  chances are three dogs severely beaten and left to die would have become sad statistics. The Gulf Coast Humane Society in Fort Meyers is currently caring for the dogs  and are asking the community for help paying for the surgeries needed and the dogs’ continuing care.

According to the rescue organization’s social media page,

“The worst of humanity reared its ugly head once again after a gruesome discovery was made in Clewiston.

This time, Abigail and her pup Macaroni, were discovered in very bad shape, alone and in distress. A day earlier, Wesker, was found in just as bad shape and in the same area as Abigail and Macaroni were discovered.”

One of the dogs, Abigail, suffered a deep head wound. It is suspected the three-year-old dog’s injury had been caused by blunt force trauma – more than likely from a shovel. Stitches extend from the top of her head to her face. Her leg will require knee  surgery. With Abigail was her puppy, one-year-old Macaroni, who also has an injured leg suspected of having been caught up in a tether.

Just days earlier, Wesker was rescued after he was found with abrasions on his left side; determined he had been dragged behind a car. Wesker also had damage to his front teeth as a result of gripping his leash with his teeth while being dragged.

“Here is the amazing fact, though. Abigail came into GCHS and was wagging her tail, even when she was getting stitched up. She has the most gentle eyes and loves to kiss and lay in laps. Wesker is still a playful pup and prances around and knows he is now in a happy and safe place at GCHS. He also loves kisses and laying in laps.

Macaroni is a little shy at first, but he is starting to trust people and is seeking attention from everyone.

Again, despite the cruel intentions of people who were first in these three dogs’ lives…all three are quick to forgive and accept the love by everyone at GCHS and from their rescuers in Clewiston,” posted  Gulf Humane Society’s CEO Jennifer Galloway on Facebook.

The dogs were all found in the same area although it is not known if the same person(s) is responsible for the abuse. No arrests have been made. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Clewiston Police Department at 863.983.1474.

To help with the surgical procedures needed for these amazing dogs, please check the shelter’s website at

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An incredible transformation

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  1. Victims of a dog fighting ring. They probably didn’t do well so the maggot dog ringers beat them. Execute dog fighters on the spot. No mercy.

  2. The vile monster(s) who did this need to be found and eradicated from this earth. Probably dog fighting and these dogs were not fighters, so let’s beat them to death and leave them to slowly die alone. This country has to end all dog fighting and jail must be the only sentence for these scum.Let’s take our country back from these low life criminals and finally close all these facilities. Am sure police know where most of them are, so go after them and prosecute.

  3. I remember meeting a couple of young boys, years ago, while out walking my cocker spaniel, border collie mix, and bull&terrier. They took notice of the bull&terrier, and said that their father and uncle fought those dogs. They told about one of the dogs that they had become close to, but their uncle tried to make her fight. When she refused, they said their uncle beat her, and threw her out on the street to die. I asked them who their uncle is, but then they quickly sped away on their bikes.

    Back in the 70’s when I discovered a dog fighter in the area, I contacted the local SPCA. The people on the phone kept putting down the phone on the counter and whispering, and it became apparent that they had no intention of doing anything. And they didn’t.

  4. Oh my goodness, I don’t know where all this evil is going to end, but then can imagine. This is why we all need to speak up loudly and frequently when we hear of, or see anything like this going on. These poor dogs are going to suffer for s long time, maybe even for life and they have no voice, and nobody except those willing to stand up and take up their cause. We must keep fighting for right and justice for animals and educate others who are unaware. Too many think “I don’t have a dog, it’s not my concern”. It is everybody’s concern, do we really want our streets and towns littered with hundreds of dumped, dying or deceased dogs like the Dowdy Ferry area? I think not. Heck, I don’t have any animals because I rent, but I love animals and speak up, sign up at every opportunity I get. It’s a huge hazard for the animals, ut also for humans if people keep doing these heinous acts and then dumping the dogs instead of burying them humanely when they die. Sorry, soapbox again, but we really can’t rest on our laurels thinking others will do something – we’re the ones always on here speaking up, so we need to educate our friends, neighbours, students, colleagues, people at bus stops – everyone and while we’re at it, we need to educate about puppymills too as they’re just as big a problem.
    I hope and pray these precious dogs survive, heal and get to thrive in loving furever homes for the rest of their lives, and that the perpetrator/s meet with Justice either here or when they meet their Maker.


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