Family who adopted a pig from BC SPCA turned her into bacon

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Molly the pig, who had been adopted to a family for a pet by the BC SPCA, has been killed and turned into the morning bacon and dinner pork chops. Social outrage continued to escalate throughout Vancouver Island after the sad news was announced.

The BC SPCA of Cowichan and District branch had welcomed Molly after she had been rescued from a cruelty investigation. The pot bellied pig had been carefully nursed back to health by volunteers from the organization  and adopted out to a family on January 19. Less than one month later, came the disturbing news that Molly had been killed and eaten. According to Global News, it was Brandee McKee who discovered what had happened to Molly.

Brandee stated the new owners didn’t know how to properly care for Molly, and instead of notifying the rescue organization, decided to slaughter the pig for food. Brandee, as well as social media followers and animal advocates are outraged that no charges have been brought against Molly’s adopters. Unfortunately, it seems the law isn’t on the side of the animals. General manager of community relations for the BC SPCA, Lorie Chortyk, had this to report:

“Because animals are considered property under the law, once an adoption agreement is made, that person is the full legal owner of that animals, whether it’s a dog, or a cat, or a pig or whatever so the minute the adoption is signed we lose all legal rights to that animal.”

Chortjk continued:

“The reality is, it’s not illegal to kill your own animals in Canada. Someone can take a gun and shoot their dog in the head and as long as the dog dies instantly, unfortunately there’s no law against that.”

An investigation as to Molly’s death indicates she was killed humanely, however Brandee and other animal advocates found the owners disgusting as they posted photos and videos of them seasoning the meat and preparing Molly to be eaten.

When questioned about the adoption agreement, the BC SPCA staff assured supporters they would never have adopted the pig out if they knew the owners had intended to eat Molly. The adopters had even put in writing they would never use the animal for food. Unfortunately representatives from the rescue said the assurances are not legally binding.

Potbelly pigs are not meant to be eaten for their meat as their diets are different. In addition, the pigs, meant to be raised as pets, have had a variety of vaccinations. The people who adopted Molly have since been placed on a database as never being allowed to adopt any animal from them ever again.

We’re sorry Molly that humans let you down. How sad.

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  1. This is horrible…..she was taken from an abusive situation….. it HAS TO BE cheaper to go buy bacon somewhere than to adopt, care for then murder and hack up a pet. This is sickening… at least these monsters will never be allowed another pet…. or if they do they have to leave BC.

  2. How despicable. What are their names. People have a right to know who they are so that we can get the word out to other animal rescues so they don’t adopt an animal out to them.

  3. Those people need to be put on a registry to never allow them to adopt an animal from anyone or anywhere ever again! That poor pig was rescued from a horrible situation only to be placed in another! How sad!

  4. RIP Molly. You went through so much and then I’m sure you thought you were going to a wonderful family. I’m really hating people more and more every day.

  5. The family didn’t know how to care for Molly so they decided to eat her instead!
    Can they be more disgusting????

    RIP Molly, I’m sorry humans failed you in so many ways!

  6. Hope they come down with a serious illness after eating this pig. What a stupid thing to do. Give it back to the rescue if you can’t take care of it and buy a pig from the butcher to eat. Scummy people.

  7. It seems that the BC SPCA did not do their complete job. Why didn’t they check that the people who adopted Molly DID know how to take care of her, knew what diet she had, check with neighbors and do their due diligence about the adopters? Too much trouble to do that? Molly paid the price. RIP Molly

  8. They should have gone to jail.,Molly was a companion, a pet, not food to eat. She must have been scared. I’m mortified. They need to get an oldschool natural ass woopin!!!

  9. SUE THEIR ASSES! IT SHOULD BE CONSIDERED BREACH OF CONTRACT. I hope social media scares the living bageezes out of them. People get crazy when you kill a pet you offered a “forever home”.

  10. WHY would the BC SPCA allow these people who had no clue how to care for her??? The SPCA apparently never even asked these idiots if they knew how to care for a pig – shows you the intelligence there. They are just as guilty as this frigging family who decided to murder Molly and eat her instead of returning her – they most like NEVER intended to keep her as a pet – I wish them the worst possible luck for the rest of their miserable lives. And one more thing – since WHEN is the law EVER on the side of the animals????????

  11. The SPCA needs more volunteers, home checks , background checks on potential adopters and more stringent laws in Canada need to be made and enforced. Eating any animal is sickening , be it a pet , free range or factory farmed. They all feel pain!

  12. These monsters names need to be published and there is NO way they humanely murdered that poor baby! They should be in jail!

  13. You should have brought Molly back where you got her instead of taking it upon yourself murdering her she was a beautiful pet you sick people you should never be allowed to own another pet regardless of what type of pet it is


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