UPS driver ran over dog

Woman devastated to learn that UPS driver ran over and killed her dog

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A Tennessee woman is mourning the loss of her family’s dog – and outraged to know that the pet was run over and killed by a UPS driver. Tara Leurs turned to social media to share the heartbreaking incident, which claimed the life of her family’s Labradoodle, Brodie.

In a Facebook post, Leurs explained:

“My mom called hysterically crying to tell us that our 90 lbs labradoodle Brodie was dead in the driveway. He had been run over by the UPS driver. No note. No call. No notification.”

It was Leurs’ surveillance camera which revealed the heart-wrenching evidence – the distraught woman wrote:

“We went back to watch the full video with the sound… I won’t post that because its absolutely gut wrenching!!! How any decent person could hear that sound, could do that and speed off is beyond me. He didn’t even try to help him! We contacted UPS and yesterday finally received a call. He stated that the driver “reported the incident around noon, but the dog wasn’t wearing a collar so they could not inform us and had no access to our contact information” I informed them that the incident happened an hour after he claimed to have reported killing my dog. He asked us how I knew that – then I told him we have a camera with video AND audio.”

Though the driver claimed that Brodie was not wearing identification, Leurs tells a different story – she claims that the dog was wearing three collars, including a one for the family’s invisible fence, one for flea control and one for identification. Not to mention, Leurs has stated that her cell number was written on the outside of the package which was delivered on the day that Brodie was killed.

Leurs is understandably devastated over the unexpected, and untimely, demise of her dog – and outraged that the UPS driver simply drove away. UPS has stated that the situation is under investigation, reported News Channel 5.

(Family photo)

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22 replies
  1. paula calabrese says:

    My heart and prayers go out to the family I’m so sorry for your loss i hope justist is done on the driver who took your dogs life.

  2. Red says:

    This is horrible….but totally avoidable. Why any owner thinks it is OK to allow their pet to just roam the neighborhood…. or their property….is asinine. This is the chance you take. Not all people give a care about animals and will duck and dodge them while driving. So….. keep your pets safe and no where near a street or drive way.

  3. Darla G says:

    My deepest sympathy to the Leurs family. These UPS drivers are in such a big damn hurry and now we know at least this one is also a lying POS. While it won’t bring back their dog, I’m glad they have the surveillance video to confirm who killed their precious pup. RIP Brodie.

  4. Stephen Phillips says:

    SO sorry for the loss of your precious Brodie…

  5. pennysdachshunds says:

    We live in a Western State on 10 acres. Same thing happened to us… Our large 12year old dog we had adopted from a young man that was moving to Florida and could not take as this dog was Chow & Australian Shepard with lots of thick hair.. Cowboy was a wonderful and gentle dog and Never! I Really Mean Never left our yard. We had gone on a motorcycle ride to a neighboring town… and when we got back Cowboy was laying on his stomach with his front legs stretched out, head up and didn’t try to get up to greet us.. We ran over to him and I just went “Ballistic”. as it was spring and damp and our old boy was laying right in front of his chain-link pen where he could come in and out at will, with his water bowl, food, house for shade and it was very clear what had happened!!! There was a small pkg in front of our garage where the UPS truck had pulled UP and placed the package, then backed out making a wide swing to U-TURN right over the top of Cowboy breaking his back.. The Tracks in the damp sandy-soil road told the story. We had to call our vet and have him come and humanly euthanize as our vet said surgical intervention would not help. I called the UPS office and informed them what had happened and was informed the Driver had called and said he watched a dog having a seizure at our address, I said “Well get in your Damn outfit and come out and look and you will see what really happened”! I told them this could have been a small child, and your drivers often drive like they are gunning the Indy 500. They did come out and needless to say the driver was gone!!! I know full well that accidents do happen BUT it looks to me like in the case of the Luers as was ours the Driver WAS NOT HONEST!!! The video needs to be taken and previewed by the Management!!! Accountability is a Must….

  6. J. Martin says:

    I’m sorry for the loss of your pet 🙁 Most of the idiots who drive for FedEx, UPS and the rest … should learn to fucking drive. They have no respect for people or their property/belongings. They get away with this type of shit .. far too much!!!! Stupid BASTARD driver!!!!!

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    I feel bad for this family losing Brodie like this, but they have to shoulder some of the blame. Why are their dogs outside when no one is home to supervise them. And why do they allow the dogs to go into the driveway. The owner in the report from News Channel 5 said what it it had been a child, I would hope a child wouldn’t be allowed to play in the driveway. I have an invisible fence and we have it configured so the dogs can’t get into the driveway. The facts that they could get run over by a car and I don’t want them jumping on people is the reason why we did this. I do think the UPS driver should have stopped and tried to help the dog and contact someone and not just driven away, I doubt very much he intended to run over the dog but to not acknowledge you have done so is just not right. My condolences to this family for their loss, I can imagine how heartbreaking it must be to lose a precious member of your family like this.

  8. Adrienne says:

    That dog is like her child and we would all be devastated especially when this driver makes up these lies about what really happened. Caught on video, you can’t deny that is not you. Thank god for those cameras that many people have bought for their homes. I hope she receives and apology from this incompetent driver as well as an offer from UPS to make good on replacing her dog if she so chooses. If that were my UPS driver, he would has scooped my dog up and drove her to a vet and been crying over what happened. He loves his pets so he would be as distraught as me.

  9. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Sounds like UPS is lying through their teeth! Make lots of noise about this! The driver should be fired at the very least! RIP Brodie

  10. PAMELA D says:


  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    Under investigation is the usual crap response from any agency (including police) when they want to hope that it goes away – since this family has a video there is evidence of this hunk of maggot shit of a UPS driver is responsible – how could he NOT see the dog, its not like it is a small dog – they are good sized animals. He was in the owner’s driveway – he is just trying to cover up for his irresponsible and incompetence. Exactly how much more evidence does UPS need? This idiot driver should be fired immediately – he either doesn’t know how to drive or did not care that he killed a beloved family pet.

  12. paulacalabrese says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss my heart goes out to you this fucken idiot needs to be fired from ups reported to the compan y immediatly/ These ass holes dont know how to drive what if that were a child they dont believe in breaking for animals or children or even adults. report him to the spca have charges filed please . heartless people don’t care they dont have a consciouse or a soul.My heart thought prayers go out to your dog. I’m so sorry//

  13. paulacalabrese says:

    i hope this scum bag gets run over karma will get him i hope karma bites this psychopath right in the face when he least expects it

  14. Debbie says:

    He was wrong!!!! No matter what that person should have gotten out of his UPS van and checked on the condition of the animal. And tried to contact owner. He was saving his own ass with no regard to the dog He ran over. Pretty simple. Sorry you rotten person, you don’t deserve that job!!!! Now UPS needs to do the right thing!!!!! But will they? Since you have audio and video they might! I certainly hope so. This is a tragedy that should not have happened. I know how they drive here. Fast and furious! Downright scary at times. But they have to to keep their job! Pathetic!!!! UPS and all the others like them question? Is profit all that you ever care about?????

  15. maxiemom says:

    That driver knew exactly what he did and obviously didn’t care. He knew where the dog lived (obviously) but thought he’d simply get away with it. All he cared about was his job and how fast he could do it: he probably would have done the exact same thing if that had been their two year old. I hope they fire him and manage to keep him from getting another job with a similar company.

    I’ve seen UPS drivers going 35-40 mph (or more) in our quiet residential neighborhood every time I see their trucks move. They never take off at a normal speed nor drive at one, but act like they’re on one of the nearby highways. The problem is there are lots of children, pets, and people here along with lots of blind spots on these streets where a speeder could easily kill someone.


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