Surrendered dog has given up hope

E-listed dog – Coco has given up after being surrendered by family

It has only been a week, but a sad dog has already given up after being surrendered to a busy Texas animal shelter. Four-year-old Coco, a Labrador retriever mix, was surrendered to the Corpus Christi Animal Care Center on October 6 – for reasons unknown, her family decided to relinquish their pet to the facility.

A plea for help

On Saturday, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Focus on Furever, wrote:

DEFEATED! She has already given up.

Euthanasia Scheduled for 10/23/18

Coco – Owner Surrender

No hold time

She is very withdrawn but not aggressive, just can see that she has given up.

Saving Coco

You can helps save Coco from an unfair fate by sharing this article with her adoption information. Find Coco’s Petharbor link here.

For more information about this animal, call:
City of Corpus Christi Animal Care at (361) 826-4630
Ask for information about animal ID number A304220

Location: Corpus Christi Animal Care Services
Emails must go to

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Happy dog makes the best of visit to veterinary clinic

A hopping good time

9 replies
    • Ron lombard says:

      I think it’s shameful that this company is posting this video and comments up when it was almost a year ago this incident happened.
      So you’re being very dishonest by posting this and trying to play on people’s hearts. You know there are hundreds of thousands of people like me who fight for animal rights every single day of Our lives. I have been rescuing dogs and cats for 40 years. I find it disgraceful that you would put this article and try to make the audience feel like it is happening right now. You have no shame whatever company this is.

  1. Adrienne says:

    Dogs have no understanding why they are given up and away from all things familiar in their lives.You can’t explain anything to an animal, it is what they feel. Some can handle it temporarily, others are so devastated that they shut down quickly. Shelters are suppose to be just that, shelter,protect,and hopefully comfort. Pray that this dog, Coco gets adopted quickly and with a family that will love her forever.

  2. Shelly says:

    Please keep sharing sweet Coco. Hoping and praying someone will see her and want her. She desperately needs out of the shelter. She’s given up. She doesn’t understand why she ended up there. She needs out soon, her time is up on Oct. 23, 2018. That isn’t a lot of time for her to find her forever home. Please keep sharing her photo and hopefully someone will have room in their heart and home to take her and love her forever. She will forever be grateful. Share share share to get this girl out alive!????


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