Street dog found having violent seizures makes incredible recovery

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How often does a street dog ever get lucky? This shy girl scrounged for food and remained stoic as not to ever show weakness or vulnerability. And so had been Stella’s life – that is until she was found flailing in the road having a violent seizure.

Stella had been a street dog in Udaipur, Rajasthan India, and she did get lucky. The ambulance for Animal Aid Unlimited had not been far away when a Good Samaritan called for help. Within minutes the rescue team arrived as she was having the seizure, which had most likely been the result of having been caused by trauma – most likely a car accident.

The only way to capture and subdue Stella had to be by a net, and the upmost care was used to get her off the street and back to the hospital where she was initially treated with anti-seizure medication. No one knew if she had epilepsy, head trauma or an unknown disease. Even worst, could she have had brain damage and would there be no hope of recovery?

Stella’s recovery was not to be immediate, however the friendly pooch didn’t seem to want to give up, and her selfless rescuers were determined to help.

For weeks, she stumbled and for weeks she had trouble walking, but the combination of medicines, therapy and Stella’s sheer will and determination to be able to balance and ultimately walk again never wavered.

Six weeks later, Stella shares her story with the world. Check it out:

Street dog having violent seizure rescued on road

We got a call that a street dog was flailing in the road having a violent seizure. Luckily our ambulance was only moments away and when we arrived, she was still having the seizure. The seizure was probably caused by a trauma–maybe a car accident. We stabilized her with anti-seizure and other medicines, and so began her six week recovery of her ability to balance and walk. Please donate for animals who wouldn't stand a chance without our help:

Posted by Animal Aid Unlimited on Friday, October 12, 2018

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(Photos and video of street dog helped via Animal Aid Unlimited )

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Happy dog makes the best of visit to veterinary clinic

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Animal Aid Unlimited have saved so many animals who’ve come back from the brinks of death. They do amazing work and the people there are so selfless and think only of the animals. Outstanding facility in a country that may not always be known to care for animals.

  2. Denise Moore says:

    These folks are amazing this isn’t the first story of rescue I’ve seen from them the work miracles for animals. The world needs more good humans like them. I applaud their perseverance


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