Delta Airlines sent 8-week-old puppy to wrong location

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In just another puppy mishap, but this time with Delta Airlines, an 8-week-old white and brindle puppy named Ren went on multiple incorrect flights over the weekend, leaving his owner, Josh Schlaich worried and frustrated.

Schlaich had purchased the dog from a Virginia breeder, and Ren was put on a Delta flight to Boise with a stop in Minneapolis. The adorable ball of cuteness was due to arrive Saturday night, but instead of arriving in Boise, Ren went to Detroit, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City! To be more precise, Ren spent Saturday night in a kennel in Detroit, Sunday morning he flew to Minneapolis and then because he was on the wrong flight again, ended up in Las Vegas. From there he flew to Salt Lake City, and by Sunday night arrived in Boise.

And so Schlaich took out his frustrations on the Delta’s Facebook page stating, “Hey Delta, was supposed to receive my 8-week-old pup this evening,” but had received a call that Ren was going to an unknown location because of a delayed flight. Schlaich tried multiple times to call Delta and get updated information, and one representative even yelled at him before rudely hanging up.

Delta has since apologized, however the posts have been deleted from their Facebook page. Schlaich did update his post to Delta, however stating Rem had arrived safely and thanked Delta.

Schlaich has been reimbursed for all of the shipping costs. The airline stated they have also launched a review to review procedures.

Information via CNN

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11 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Good Lord! What is wrong with these people. Is it so hard to put a crate with a dog in it on the RIGHT flight? The ineptness of these air lines is unbelievable. I’m glad Ren finally got to his destination safely but what kind of treatment did he receive en route?

    • linda says:

      It seems nobody takes pride and responsibility within their job…during my day we took our jobs seriously to satisfy our customers!

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    WELL I can’t SAY ” ONE FKING NICE THING ABOUT A BREEDER ( OF course only money orientated”) that would SHIP and * WEEK OLD PUPPY supposedly just weaned on a flight across the USA!!! The little guy is DAMN LUCKY he made it ALIVE!!! I hope his owner will CHERISH him and NEVER Let this LITTLE GUY be IN such DANGER AGAIN!!!

  3. Pamela Garlisch says:

    What kind of Neanderthal’s work for these airlines? Can’t they read? Shows the mentality of the people that the airlines hire!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    The airlines (all of them) are the equivalent to the GRAY HOUND BUS back in my day… to be a flight attendant in the 1960’s you had to speak at least one foreign language, you couldn’t have less than a 20-40 visual problem because you couldn’t wear glasses, you couldn’t be married, had to have at least a year of college, and be at least 5’4” tall…had to maintain a certain weight for the uniforms they made you wear, no men flight attendents…. this was Frontier Based out of Denver Colorado.. how do I know I had 20 50 vision and was 5’3and 1/2 tall… I wonder what the Hell the criteria is now day’s … able to walk!! STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES SHOULD BE THE MOTO FOR THESE AIRLINES!!!

  5. Marni says:

    What bothers me more is the rude CR who hung up on this very worried and frustrated person. It was Delta’s fault and this person had no right to treat him like that.

  6. Adrienne says:

    I guess no one can read words anymore for something like this to happen. When you hire people who have difficulty reading and understanding english (and this is not just those here illegally), more stuff like this will happen. There are unbelievably a lot of people who really can’t read or comprehend what they read. so more things like this will happen. When these people are hired, there should be some sort of test to see if they can actually read and comprehend what they are reading. Third world country of workers are now doing jobs that require basic skills which many don’t have.

  7. Julie Enos says:

    They are going to need to change it that animals can no longest travel unless the owner is on the flight thought I heard something about that change being worked on

  8. Star Shelley says:

    What thed heck is wrong with some of these employees with airlines, don’t they read or look over instructions or procedures. All these mishaps is getting ridiculous. These employees should be written up big time.

  9. Helen says:

    Many reputable breeders have refused to fly the puppies to their new owners just for this reason. Either the owner picks up the pup or pay for land transport. Airlines treat pets as luggage and couldn’t care less if the “luggage” is either lost or sent to the wrong destination. I wonder how much care did this 8 weeks old puppy received while traveling across the country?

  10. Dana says:

    And now what, Delta Airlines gets a slap on the wrist? BS a 8 week old puppy flying and landing around the country side? I cannot imagine how confused and terrified the poor little guy must of been. Delta, If you can’t afford to hire competent people then maybe your policy should be NO animals!! So inexcusable, they need to be held accountable…


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